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Insidmal Design LLC is now Conquest Marketing!

Insidmal Desin LLC is now Conquest Marketing.

You’re probably wondering what this means to you.. well.. not much, really.

Sorry if you were looking for gossip… it’s still me, it’s still the same company, it’s still the same quality products.. the only differences are… just a couple things…

The Differences

  • You can spell it!!!

Yep… Unlike Insidmal, you actually know how to spell conquest

  • You can pronounce it!!!

Again.. unlike Insidmal, you know how to pronounce conquest

  • It makes more sense!!!

I’m not really much in the design business anymore… my passion lies in business, sales, and marketing.  I’m highly competitive, I love to win, and I want to win with you.


So what’s next?

Get used to these colors.  Expect to see the Insidmal Design branding be replaced with the Conquest Marketing branding on all of the properties, you’ll already see it in the support center and on invoices.

I’m getting ready to launch the first site under the Conquest Marketing label and I can’t wait to show you what is in store…

The future is bright, and it includes you.

Welcome to Conquest Marketing.


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01 February 2013 ~ 0 Comments


As a business owner the most important part of my business is receiving and reacting to feedback.  If something isn’t working right, or could be done better, I would be doing a disservice NOT to make those changes.  If you are a member of any of my sites you are probably used to seeing a constantly evolving landscape, and when something can be improved it is my job to improve it.  This being said, there have been some changes this month and there will be some big ones coming up too, so I wanted to sort of take a moment to explain what’s going on to those of you who are seeing this stuff and thinking Whaaaa?


Traffic Swirl Tournaments & Contests

The Monthly Tournaments are no more!  The tournaments have been running every other month for almost a year now, and one of the biggest questions I get is how do I sign up, how do I participate – the process as it was is that you sign up during one month, then the tournament is the following month.  The problem here is that with the rate the site grows you end up with hundreds of people who want to participate but can not, and also people who signed up when registration first opened but simply forgot.   Also it became painfully obvious that a month long surfing competition is just too much, and heaven forbid something happen and you miss a few days and it blows the entire month.

The Tournament structure has changed into a weekly contest, now the tournaments run EVERY week instead of just every other month – and we’ve also made the prizes bigger.. WAY bigger.. the top prize is now at $50 Cash instead of $10, and this is every week!

You no longer need to register for the tournament, if you have surfed within the last month – you are automatically entered, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to register or any of that nonsense, also being only a weekly concept now if you have an emergency or leave for vacation, you can miss a week without it destroying your entire ranking in the tournament system, you can simply just come back and try it again the following week.

Our Referral Contest has changed from a monthly contest to a weekly contest, so there we will have more winners, more often, giving you more chances to win.

We’ve also added a new Sales contest, so just because you can’t get 25 referrals in a week, doesn’t mean you can’t win anything – if your referrals are active and buying upgrades, credits, turbos, tokens, anything – they earn you a point for every dollar they spend, and the prize is split among the leaders, so it’s not necessarily the amount of referrals you have; but also the quality of them.


Viral List Builder Plus

If you have logged in to VLB+ recently you will have noticed a new design theme, I have tested this for a couple of weeks and it seems to be going well so going forward this month we will be completing that design and rolling it out to the complete site, the new design is much more modern and has already stimulated sales (so get your referral links out there!)


Affiliate Toolbox

The biggest changes you will see, and the main primary reason I decided to make a blog post out of this will be at Affiliate Toolbox.


I know there are people out there who are going to see this and say, again, that I’m copying TimTech because they recently rebranded their Te Toolbox site to Trck.me.  I know people will say I’m copying them, just like they always do – and if you are one of those people – go for it, if you don’t take the time to see that my projects are all very unique and innovative, then I can never prove otherwise to you, nor do I care to.  My focus is my members. I don’t care what TimTech or anyone else outside my little world are doing.  If I focus on what others are saying or doing then I lose focus of what I’m doing.  The fact is I rarely even log in to any other site aside from my own, and when I do it is usually just to buy credits, I actually make a point of avoiding looking at what others do because those things end up creating influence and I do not want to be influenced by what others are doing.  You can come up with a great idea and end up implementing it in a way that ends up similar to what others do, simply because it’s the only way you’ve seen it done.  Without any intention of doing so, you end up with things without even being aware of it, just because of this influence.

Instead I put 100% of my focus internally.  I focus only on the feedback of  my existing members, and where I am relative to achieving my goals, and because of this reason, and this alone, Affiliate Toolbox will be facing some major restructuring from the ground up.

The #1 Piece of Feedback I receive about Affiliate Toolbox is that it is too confusing and complicated.  You can almost see how my brain works in that site because to me it all makes perfect sense though if you are not familiar with it, it’s very intimidating and way too much all at once.

The major issue I personally have with this site is based on the business model / structure.  It ends up that 1% of the users are using up 99% of the servers resources, and most of these people are free members and it isn’t fair to the other members of that site or other sites on the same servers.  Don’t panic, the site is free, and will always be free, but there will be some basic restructuring of the business model.

A lot of the stuff is going to be simplified down to a single interface. Some of the features that are there that are sort of meh or could be done better will be getting scrapped so that the focus can maintain on the primary purpose of the site — tracking.  If there is any feature on there that you absolutely can not see go, please contact me so I can make sure I keep that in.

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