18 January 2014 ~ 1 Comment

Surf Sumo Updates!

Big updates for you at Surf Sumo this week!  Check it out!

Turbo Surf Timer

The new Turbo Surf Timer lets you surf super fast with a 4 second timer, available in 1 hour – 24 hour increments, but the timer only counts while you surf – so you don’t need to use it all at once, if you log off or leave for a minute, the turbo will automatically pause and wait for you!

Turbo Surf Credit

The new Turbo Surf Credit lets you surf with double the credits, available in 1 hour – 24 hour increments. Like the Turbo Surf timer, the timer only counts while you surf – so you don’t need to use it all at once, if you log off or leave for a minute, the turbo will automatically pause and wait for you!


The ‘Prize Points’ have been renamed to Tokens.

Improved Chat!

Surf Sumo’s chat ahs been turbocharged! We’ve removed some of the bugs causing lag and added new custom color, background, and font features that you can unlock in the new Marketplace.

Surf Sumo Marketplace

Now you can use your Tokens (Prize Points) to get anything! Buy upgrades, advertising, customized chat features, or the new Turbos using your Tokens in the Surf Sumo Marketplace — of course you can still also purchase gift boxes using your Tokens (Prize Points!)


Login to Surf Sumo today and check out all the new features!

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29 August 2011 ~ 0 Comments

I just can’t stop!!

I literally can not stop adding new features and improving existing ones to our network of sites! We have made some updates and changes at Traffic Swirl, Fast Cash and Traffic, and also our Affiliate Toolbox.

I updated the mailer at Fast Cash and Traffic.  It was a text mailer that sent HTML emails and that was causing some confusion as far as the formatting. The mailer has been replaced with a WYSIWYG editor so that will make things a lot easier to edit.  If you have not tried the mailer at Fast Cash and Traffic yet and are a member, I would highly suggest it, it has been proving to be a very effective and high converting.

Also at Traffic Swirl I have updated the achievement systems and added some new surfing levels.  The surfing level achievements now also allow more time for completion so you don’t have to feel quite as rushed to finish them, though they are reward based so there is some challenge there still in them though not as difficult as they were a few weeks ago.

Most of the changes have taken place at the Affiliate Toolbox.

We’ll start with Rotators – in the Rotators you can now exclude sites from showing on certain sites.  For example if you are advertising a Traffic Swirl, you obviously don’t want it to show to existing Traffic Swirl members so you can exclude trafficswirl.com and it will never show there.  This will be set by default, however in some cases you may want to change it so the option is available, these cases being like if you are using a splash maker that a TE provides, you may still want to show it on that TE.  You can change or remove the exclusion on your rotator in the Affiliate Toolbox, you will need to add exclusions for sites you have already added, but all new sites will automatically have the exclusion entered for you.  This applies to site and banner rotators, and already was the case with the ty rotators.

We are also using the data gathered by the Affiliate Toolbox tracker to be able to rank the effectiveness of different traffic systems.  This is a great place to go if you are beginning to gather tracking data and don’t yet know what is working well for you yet so you can get an idea of what sites are working for the majority if our members, though it is important to note that some sites respond to different types of ads better, and what works for one member won’t always work for you and it is best to consult your site tracking data to get a better idea of what is working best for your ads.

Also last week we added a ‘Reach’ stat to your site stats page.  This will show you what % of the sites user base you are reaching.  Our tracking data knows who has seen your pages (privacy policy) and knows what exchange they saw it in.  Since many exchanges share members this data spans across all TE’s that we have been able to collect data from.  Essentially this tells you what % of that TE’s members have see your sites.  It will include members of that TE that have seen your ad elsewhere also, so you know you don’t need to show it to the same people 300 times and waste credits on visitors that aren’t converting or already did.  If you mouse over the % it will show you the raw numbers, for example it may say that 400 of the sites 1,289 active members have seen your page. This is an extremeley valuable tool because some traffic exchanges share a lot of the same members as others, and some are in a different market and will have a whole gaggle of members you have not reached yet.  This will prevent you from using your credits and time showing it the same people over and over again, not that repetition is bad, but if you are reaching one sites members by advertising on 2 different sites, then you can probably slack on advertising on it.  More importantly, this feature will help you locate and identify markets that you have not reached.   This information is of course available to all member levels, and is updated every 5 minutes using data from the previous 90 days.

If you are a Traffic Leads 2 Income member then this is some great news for you.  You can now simply enter your Affiliate Toolbox username into your Traffic Leads 2 Income profile and then every Lead Capture Page you create in Traffic Leads 2 Income will automatically be added to your account and tracked using Affiliate Toolbox.  You don’t need to go to Affiliate Toolbox to create your tracking link, you can do it all from once place at Traffic Leads 2 Income.  If you are NOT a Traffic Leads 2 Income member, you can join using your downline builder at any of the sites we talked about today.  The reason I say to use your downline builder instead of just giving you a link is that I would prefer to maintain downline integrity and have you join under your sponsor.

That’s all I can think of right now, I will continue to be hard at work at improving the sites for you, I am here for you.. as my members, you are my boss so if there is anything you would  like to see added to any of the sites or anything changed, please do not hesitate to log in to any of the sites and leave me a support ticket or contact me on skype: insidmal.. I’m here for you guys so put me to work!

For example, Affiliate Toolbox member Eric Abbot mentioned how he likes to use the tracking to gauge where he is getting hits and where he isn’t, the ones with low hits he likes to go to surf to get more, so he recommended making the links in your tracking clickable, which was a feature we were happy to add.  So if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate.. nothing is too big or too small.. You guys are the reason why my sites exist, your my boss, so tell me what you want!

-John Bell

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