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7 Unique Sites for Discovering New Music

7 Unique Sites for Discovering New MusicMost music enthusiasts will agree that there is a big difference between hearing a band on a CD and seeing them perform live. While it might have been the recording that got you to the show, it’s often the live concert experience that transforms an artist you like into your favorite band.

But since many of us don’t always have the time or ticket funds to see as many concerts as we’d like, here are seven sites that will bring all the intimacy of a live show to your desktop. Their combination of rare live recordings, unusual video locations, and behind-the-scenes snapshots are sure to please any music fan. So get ready to fall in love with your favorite bands all over again, and to discover some new ones along the way. […]

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19 May 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Big Announcements at Google I/O

Google I/OToday is the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco. The search giant is making several announcements on Google Wave and many of its other products.

Here are my live notes on today’s keynote:

Google I/O Keynote: Live Notes

– VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra is addressing the crowd with some housekeeping notes and an introduction to Google I/O

– HTML5 has gained momentum

– Now Vic is asking: “How can we make the web faster?”

– Now Sundar Pichai, VP of Product Management, has taken the stage. He is discussing he evolution of desktop applications.

– Web apps are becoming more powerful due to HTML5. Google’s goal is to move more apps from the desktop to the web.

– Now they are doing a demo of HTML5 and Gmail in Chrome to show off its power.

– New demos: MugTug, an image/photo editing software, and Clicker.com. The focus is on the power of Chrome and HTML5

– Clicker is now showing off Clicker.tv, a new version of Clicker built for the TV. It’s a lot like YouTube XL. […]

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