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Insidmal Design LLC is now Conquest Marketing!

Insidmal Desin LLC is now Conquest Marketing.

You’re probably wondering what this means to you.. well.. not much, really.

Sorry if you were looking for gossip… it’s still me, it’s still the same company, it’s still the same quality products.. the only differences are… just a couple things…

The Differences

  • You can spell it!!!

Yep… Unlike Insidmal, you actually know how to spell conquest

  • You can pronounce it!!!

Again.. unlike Insidmal, you know how to pronounce conquest

  • It makes more sense!!!

I’m not really much in the design business anymore… my passion lies in business, sales, and marketing.  I’m highly competitive, I love to win, and I want to win with you.


So what’s next?

Get used to these colors.  Expect to see the Insidmal Design branding be replaced with the Conquest Marketing branding on all of the properties, you’ll already see it in the support center and on invoices.

I’m getting ready to launch the first site under the Conquest Marketing label and I can’t wait to show you what is in store…

The future is bright, and it includes you.

Welcome to Conquest Marketing.


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02 November 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Back up your Data!!!

Backup your data!

Backup your data!

Everyone tells you to back up your data, and you listen and say.. yeah.. I should.. but then you don’t.. let me share a story with you about my personal experience on why this is absolutely necessary.

Early 2010 I had all my financial data saved on my primary workstation.  Well guess what, of course it crashed on me.  I was luckily however enough to get it to power back up and transfer all my data to my other workstation.  It was a blessing and I was so lucky because right after it finished transferring that computer had crashed again, this time for good, there was no recovering anything on it.  I learned my lesson at point how important it really is to have back ups of all your data.


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