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Traffic Swirl’s Laundry List of Updates

If you’ve logged on to Traffic Swirl at all since the New Year then you have likely already noticed some substantial changes taking place.  I know I haven’t really said much about them yet, much to the frustration of some, however I kind of wanted to wait until I got most of it completed before I explained it all, because a lot of it sort of ties together.

Traffic Swirl is constantly evolving, it is a real living and breathing entity.  It’s a community with thousands of citizens that shape and form it as it moves.  Over time the gradual changes and updates grow into a larger scale, and they sort of have to be pushed back all in line.  If you’ve been around for a while you’ve seen a few of these big updates happen.  When you are a member when the gradual changes and updates happen, they all seem to flow and make sense, but to new members it can become very scattered and seem to be going every which direction.  I know it can be confusing to see a lot of things change when you are used to them being a certain way, but this is part of a much bigger picture as far as the scope and scale of Traffic Swirl.  If it seems confusing now, you just sort of have to take my word for it and trust me that in three weeks you’ll wonder how you survived with how it was.

Below is a “brief” explanation of each of the major aspects of the changes.

Reward Points
The Achievement system is one of the most enjoyed systems in the site, and overtime it has gone from something somewhat clunky and complicated to something seemless and passive.  The achievement system was revamped and improved immensely.  It is time for Reward Points to follow that same path – the “Reward Points” have been renamed to “Tokens.”  Tokens are earned from completing achievements, and also may now be purchased with cash or commissions.  Also you can now trade items for tokens on the new Marketplace, which I’ll explain next.

The marketplace is actually a pretty complex piece of technology so I’m going to try not to butcher the explanation too much.   The Traffic Swirl Marketplace is an open market where you can redeem your tokens for rewards.  The  cool part though is that any member can offer their own trade on the Marketplace.  For example if you have 100 chests and 5 keys, you can go to the Marketplace to buy Keys using Tokens, however you can also make an offer of chests, for tokens.  Now if I needed chests, I could go to the market and buy them from you, and you would receive the tokens.  It’s a lot like an auction, however there are no bids, only buyouts.  Since it is brand new there is a ton of activity going on in there making demand high so if you go and check out the marketplace today and see something you want, but the price seems high – feel free to hold off and check back in a week or so because it will likely take some time for the market’s economy there to stabilize since it is just now introduced.  You can buy upgrades, turbos and referrals in the marketplace.  You can also buy and sell credits, banner impressions, text ad impressions, chests, and keys in the marketplace

 Ad Impressions
Now if you’ll remember for over two years now we have not used banner or text ad impressions that you may be familiar with from other advertising sites, instead we dealt only in credits allowing you to get multiple banner or text impressions per credit.  We have added Credit and Text Ad Impressions to our advertising system, so now you will need credits specifically for websites, and banner ad impressions or text ad impressions for banners or text ads respectively.  You will also now be able to win Banner and Text Ad Impressions in the chests as well as from the marketplace for tokens.

Along with this change,and I’m going to mention it here because It’s not big enough for it’s own header — there is now an unlimited advertising package available.  It can be purchased in weekly or monthly intervals, and will provide an unlimited amount of website views, banner impressions, and text ad impressions for the time your subscription is active.  This subscription is guaranteed to cost 1/3rd as much as purchasing enough credits, text ad impressions, and banner impressions individually for the same period of time, based on average delivery rate and mid-rate package cost.

It has been a very long-term goal of mine for Traffic Swirl to allow targetting for our advertisers.  This is sort of a three step process and is essential to my long term goals of the sites success, daypart targeting, geographical targeting, and categorical targeting.  I have been monitoring traffic closely that has been delivered over Traffic Swirl for the past six months, and have determined that Traffic Swirl has sustained enough activity to permit daypart and geographical targeting. On your website now you not only just can assign credits and hope for the best, you can now control the dayparts for your ads, choose a specific start time (great for new launches!) and even select a specific region for your ad.  I hope to be able to add categorical advertising this year, but will have to monitor and see how it goes with the two levels of targeting to see if it can sustain a third yet.  Ideally this is planned for 2nd Quarter this year, but we will have to see how things go for now.  You can set your Targeting by clicking the little notepad icon next to your website, banner ad, or text ad campaign.

So I think that will cover the most significant things, you will notice likely a few small things here and there, and you are always invited to ask questions!

See you in the Swirl!

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Back up your Data!!!

Backup your data!

Backup your data!

Everyone tells you to back up your data, and you listen and say.. yeah.. I should.. but then you don’t.. let me share a story with you about my personal experience on why this is absolutely necessary.

Early 2010 I had all my financial data saved on my primary workstation.  Well guess what, of course it crashed on me.  I was luckily however enough to get it to power back up and transfer all my data to my other workstation.  It was a blessing and I was so lucky because right after it finished transferring that computer had crashed again, this time for good, there was no recovering anything on it.  I learned my lesson at point how important it really is to have back ups of all your data.


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