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Infographic: What forms of Brand Messaging do Consumers Buy Into?

Do your consumers trust you?

If you are like most small business owners you are probably stretching every dollar, and minute, to the max.  You know it’s important to prioritize your time and money, but that expanding your brand is essential.

@MDGadvertising shares with us:

What forms of Brand Messaging do Consumers Buy Into?

The average consumer is bombarded with slogans, brand messaging, and ads hundreds, of not thousands, of times a day.  But how much of that are they really buying into?  A recent report from Nielson breaks down what consumers find most trustworthy and relevant.

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20 June 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Using Traffic Swirl to Increase your Twitter Following

When I first started my plan for Traffic Swirl back in July of 2010, I had 3 major goals outlined for what I wanted the site to accomplish. I wanted Traffic Swirl to generate high quality traffic to your website.  I wanted Traffic Swirl to generate sales and conversions for your advertisements, as well as generating sales in it’s own system, creating commissions for members.  However the most important thing I wanted from Traffic Swirl is for it to be an environment where users can really take their branding and social engagement to the next level.

Every day I surf hundreds, sometimes thousands of pages on Traffic Swirl and constantly look for and think of ways that I can improve upon these three goals.  Our members are branded everywhere on the site and they are highly encouraged to socially engage with each other, which they do with extreme regularity.  But I wanted more.  I wanted to take it beyond the site and allow people to use Traffic Swirl’s built in branding and traffic generation mechanisms in other avenues.

Several months ago we completely integrated facebook into your site.  Every time a member joins, their name and profile url is posted on our facebook page.  Whenever a site is added, the site URL is posted on our facebook page and the members facebook page.  Whenever you make an achievement like leveling up or winning a round on our Swirly Paws Board Game, you can share it on your facebook.  But that’s not enough for me.  I wanted to take it to the next level.

I began using twitter like others obsessed with gaining followers and started automating things to try and increase my followers, thinking more followers would mean a larger reach.  I quickly realized that was absolutely wrong.  I wiped my twitter account and started from scratch, now with much less followers and following even fewer, I find my reach is actually larger now with less but higher quality followers and have really conceptualized the viral nature of twitter, and I knew I wanted Traffic Swirl to be involved in that.

So what we did was we incorporated some of our Facebook features, into Twitter.  Now when a member joins they are welcomed on our @trafficswirl twitter.  Also when you add a site to Traffic Swirl, it is also shared with all of our twitter followers as well as facebook fans.  Hopefully you have your twitter info added into your twitter account into your traffic swirl profile, because if you did you are @mentioned whenever these things happen.

Another thing we did was restructure our tweets.  When you Tweet a site from Traffic Swirl now, you can still customize your own tweet, however now by the default the site name is listed as opposed to just the link. Also the @trafficswirl mention was removed the tweets and replaced with a hash tag #trafficswirl this way you can click it and see who is tweeting from traffic swirl, and what they are tweeting.

You can also grow your followers.  Every time someone tweets your site from traffic swirl you are not only @mentioned but after the user clicks tweet they are given an opportunity to follow you, it’s just a simple one click and now you have another follower who is already enjoying the content you are providing at Traffic Swirl, and will be open to engage and consume the content you share via Twitter.

These are all little things I do to try and maximize the value of Traffic Swirl as a site, to increase visitors to your site, not only via traffic swirl but from facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, and even with google +1, too, and however far those tweets and shares will spread.  And to increase your branding, by getting your name, profile, and sites out there.. not just in Traffic Swirl but in all facebook and twitter also.

Traffic Swirl => http://trafficswirl.com

Finally I would like to wrap this up with a couple questions.  I’m curious if you are using Traffic Swirl to increase your branding and reach of your pages, and if you are, how well is it working for you?

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