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Sinemia Tips, Tricks, and Your Questions Answered

With the recent struggles of MoviePass, a lot of people are turning to the Sinemia subscription program.

I’m getting a lot of questions about it, so I thought I would share some of the answers to the most frequent questions here.


Sinemia is Cardless

 You will not receive a card.  To create a reservation you visit the Planning tab on the app and then choose your movie.  Sinemia will then give you a temporary card number to use to purchase your tickets on an online ticket broker.

You can Only Book Online

You can only reserve tickets from an online broker, generally fandango or atom films but there is an “Other” option you can use to purchase tickets from any other site as well.

Online Ticket Broker Convenience Fees

Many online ticket brokers will charge a convenience fee and Sinemia will bill you for that fee. There are ways around it, for example if you are a Cinemark Movie Club member or AMC Stubs member, they waive ticket fees.  You can also have your fees waived if you go through http://facebook.com/movies  If you are not paying a convenience fee through your broker, make sure to inform Sinemia by selecting the box stating you are not paying a fee or they will charge you for one regardless.

You can Only have One Reservation At a Time

If you reserve a ticket on Monday for Friday, you won’t be able to reserve again until Friday. You can only have one active booking at a time.

Premium Formats

The Classic plans include only standard 2d format films.  The Elite plan includes all format, in this plan 3d is considered a standard format, and you are allowed 1 IMAX/4DX movie per month.  This is where it gets a little confusing.  The IMAX/4DX are on a 30 day clock, so if you purchase a ticket on the 5th of one month, then you can’t get the next until the 5th of the following month.  The “standard” movies reset based on your billing date.  I know it is a bit confusing because they are running on two different clocks, but your standard viewings reset when you pay your bill, premium resets 30 days after your last premium.

Customer Service

There is difficulty receiving support from Sinemia, currently the only way to receive a prompt response is through their Twitter page.

Family Plan

Sinemia offers a family plan, for up to six people.  The tickets are allotted for all six, so for example if you have a 2 movie plan you can book one movie and get up to six tickets for it.  If you don’t use it, you lose it.  So if you were to reserve a movie but only purchase two tickets, that would still count as the allotment for all six.  Because of this, for many people it may make more sense for family members to have individual accounts, but keep in mind that only one account is allowed per device and only one device is allowed per account.

Checking In

In addition to purchasing your ticket in advance, Sinemia requires you to check in to the theater when you go to the movie so that it can geolocate to know you actually went, this is a fraud prevention measure intended to prevent reselling tickets.

Referral Program

Sinemia does offer a referral program, for each subscriber that is referred, regardless of the plan chosen, a $5 credit is added to both users in the Sinemia wallet.  The Sinemia Wallet can only be used towards extending your Sinemia account.  You can click here for my referral link.