30 May 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Insidmal Design Updates!

Insidmal Design

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Lots of new updates from Insidmal Design lately!!  Our new website launch this month was a HUGE success.  Our extremely successful marketing has landed us over 5,000 new visits to our website.  This promotional campaign was hugely successful and thanks to your word of mouth and confidence in our services, we have been growing very rapidly.

In addition to this, we now have over 40 different readers daily on our blog! This blog! Thanks everyone who visits and gets their news, information, and entertainment from our blog.  We scour the internet several times daily for the news and stories that matter to us, and to you.

We have a brand new feature I would like to tell you about.  We now feature editable pages for our Basic, Power, and Expert Design Packages.  This is a very simple, straight forward, easy to use, secure editor that allows you to modify some of the content on your Insidmal Design website without having to change the code or worry about damaging your content.  You need absolutely no prior knowledge of coding, web design, html, or anything to use this editor.  It is very basic and easy to use, here is an example here. This is a VERY BASIC site designed just to show how this works and what it does. The site you will be modifying is http://insidmal.com/mycms/. You can edit some of the content at http://insidmal.com/mycms/content/edit.php.  Of course, yours will have a password, see the password protected version of the page at http://insidmal.com/mycms/content/editPW.php, the password is ‘testpass’.  Your version will of course be much more customized and dynamic, this is just a small preview I threw together to show you an example of how you can modify some of the simple aspects of your website yourself, without having to hire a web designer to change basic things for you.

A couple of new products launched this last week. We recently completed our design of the Miessence Facebook FBML Fan Pages. Miessence is committed to providing quality, certified organics skin care and health products to help you live safe and free of harsh chemicals or environment damaging additives. They also feature plenty of reseller opportunities for you to cash in the Organic Movement.  Our second product that launched was for Ely Organics, a Miessence Reseller.  Erin Ely is based in Eugene, OR, and is carbon neutral in her business practice.  She cares greatly for our environment and our standard of living and that is why she supports and endorses the Miessence line of products on her own page.

Here at insidmal design, we’ve been having a lot of fun learning the new exciting HTML5 and CSS3 features, and I hope you let us design a custom web site or fan page so we can use the newest technologies and innovations in sharing your brand and product with the world!

Also if you haven’t yet, connect with us on a variety of platforms, Check out John Bell’s Facebook, the Official Insidmal Design facebook, Insidmal Design Custom Facebook FBML Fan Pages,  Insidmal Design on twitter, YouTube, and MySpace.  We’re also on DOZENS of other social media platforms, just give a search in the perspective website, or comment here and we’ll tell you how to find us on your favorite social network platform.