30 April 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Insidblog: New Design and Features!

Well!  If you haven’t noticed all the changes to the site then you have some serious memory deficiencies, or you weren’t here in the last few years.. anyway.. We are happy to announce our new layout design and features to insidblog!  Aside from the obvious aesthetic changes, there are some new added features to the site I would like to show you..Follow?

Easy to find and use links to access our facebook page, twitter page, rss feed, and youtube channel.  We don’t post many videos here but you can still access our content on youtube and follow our trend of favorite videos.

Also you will see a Connect to Facebook button.  This will link your Insidblog account to your facebook account.  When you click this button a new little window will pop up asking you to verify your settings.  Doing so will allow you to create an account on InsidBlog using your facebook credentials, this is totally optional, you can still comment on posts using just your facebook connect information.  Connecting to facebook is essential to view the upcoming events calendar, as all events are posted on facebook, clicking on each event will allow you to view the details, and RSVP to the event.

Below that you will also notice our Facebook Fan Page, in a box!  This will show you the latest updates to our facebook fan page and give you an opportunity to connect to our facebook page to stay up to date with current blog posts and special offers for our facebook fans!


You can see here we keep you updated with our latest twitter feeds so you can also be on top of current news, events, and specials from Insidblog.  There is also an event calendar listing upcoming events hosted by Insidstock, or special offers from Insidmal Design.

Lots of new sharing options!  1-Click to share with the top 21 social network and bookmark sites.  This will make it easy to share content you like with your friends or save it for future reference. The facebook Like button is also available, click it to show your friends your agreement or support with a topic.


Before, you had to register with insidblog to post a comment, not anymore!  Feel free to just enter your name and e-mail address and comment away! New advanced anti-spam tools take away the need for waiting for your post to be moderated, it can show up instantly to keep the discussion going.

Don’t feel like entering your name in?  Even though we will remember your name and e-mail address so you don’t have to type it again, you can also use 1-Click sign in with your twitter or facebook accounts to fill that information out for you, it will also show your current facebook or twitter avatar next to your post.


Our friends at Wibiya have proivded us this awesome toolbar.  There is a lot to it so I’ll try and explain it out for you in shortest form possible.  First off there is a search box, click the arrow next to the ID logo to toggle to search the site, or the web.  The little UP Arrow next to that will instantly take you to the top of the page, no more mindless mouse wheel scrolling!  There is also an option to Translate the page, see how many people are viewing the site and where around the world they are from, and even chat with them live!

If you get tired of reading and want to take a break there is a nice game gallery and watch the hottest new youtube videos without having to leave the site!

Facebook and Twitter buttons will show you a summary of our facebook fan page as well as our twitter account, you can choose to Digg the page, or share it with top networking sites and services.

Following this near the end is the RSS Logo, click on it and choose to subscribe to the Blog’s RSS Feed, our facebook fan page RSS Feed, Twitter RSS Feed, or MySpace Status Update RSS Feed.  Stay on top of current news and events with your favorite RSS reader.  There is also a broadcast logo, click on it to see the latest shorthand broadcast or news event.

This toolbar is persistant on every page of Insidblog as well as being viewable on insidmaldesign.com and insidmal.com sites.


Click on the SUBSCRIBE link at the top of this page, or simply enter your e-mail address on the top right to sign up to the e-mail list.  This list will send you an e-mail once per week of the latest posts and news for insidblog.  We will not share your contact information with ANYONE.  If you are already a member you can adjust your subscription settings from your account profile.