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Back up your Data!!!

Backup your data!

Backup your data!

Everyone tells you to back up your data, and you listen and say.. yeah.. I should.. but then you don’t.. let me share a story with you about my personal experience on why this is absolutely necessary.

Early 2010 I had all my financial data saved on my primary workstation.  Well guess what, of course it crashed on me.  I was luckily however enough to get it to power back up and transfer all my data to my other workstation.  It was a blessing and I was so lucky because right after it finished transferring that computer had crashed again, this time for good, there was no recovering anything on it.  I learned my lesson at point how important it really is to have back ups of all your data.

So a few months later, in fall of 2010 I had been backing up my data weekly, or if I did big changes, sometimes I would back it up daily, so everything was coppied on both of my workstations.  I was sure I was safe, I thought everything is backed up, now anything can happen and it’s not a big deal.  What I didn’t realize was that on my secondary workstation one of the fans had gone bad.  Because of that it was overheating and essentially the whole thing fried, nothing was salvagable inside the entire system, luckily it was under warranty so I just had to send it in and they replaced it all for me, but they told me right away nothing could be recovered.  Fine, I thought, no big deal, I have everything backed up, in fact, I invite you to wipe the data even if you can recover it, I don’t need it! I was being cocky and proud of myself for learning my lesson and backing data up between the workstations. Well, I shouldn’t have been so cocky.

While that workstation was getting repaired, believe it or not, my brand new primary workstation that I had purchased not even two months prior, the hard drive became corrupted and damaged.  Everything was gone.

I had lost everything.  Projects I had been doing for myself, projects I had been doing for my clients, databases of client information, profit reports, expenditures, literally everything.  I had to spend seriously several months trying to pull from all of my bank data to rewrite all of my spreadsheets for my financial information, and even though with all of my client work gone, I had to start over on so many projects, some of which I no longer even had the contact information for the clients anymore so it was a lost cause.

Don’t let this happen to you, seriously.  You may think you are safe like me by having things backed up between multiple systems, but having something off site is absolutely key.  If both of your computers go down like mine did, or if, heaven forbid, something was to happen to your property such as a fire, flood, or any sort of act of nature or even crime, you can lose it all like I did.  I am telling you right now that you do not want to try and recreate over a years worth of reports and data, I am absolutely terrified to do my taxes now because I just know there is going to be something I missed.

What I guess I am getting at is wanting to share an online back up resource I have been using to back up my data.  Rolution.  By now you have probably all heard of Rolution, but you probably weren’t sure about it or didn’t know what exactly it was.  Well Rolution provides 5GB of online data back up, as well as a software to help you automate the back up task.  That’s pretty straight forward, huh.  It costs you $13 a month, and I am telling you that $13 a month for a year is $156, which may seem like a lot to some of you, but the time I spent restoring all of those reports and the amount of client work I lost costed me well over 10 times that.  There is a set up fee when you first start your account of $14, so your first month is $27, and it is $13 a month after that.  Now I know I told you earlier not to even look at the pay plan, but seriously, the commissions on this is out of this world.  Not only do you need online back up so you can avoid the problem I had, but you get $15 per direct referral, so you can essentially get it for free and make a small profit if you sell it to only 1 person a month.  My referral URL to sign up and start backing up your data today is http://insidmal.rolution.com/en/ of course with the commission and bonuses I would love for you to use my referral url, but if you just go directly to rolution.com that is fine too, it is a service you need whether I get paid for you signing up or not.