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29 September 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Stuck in WHM/cPanel Upgrade Loop with Easy Apache 4

I ran into this issue and did a lot of digging to find a solution and had a hard time finding one so hopefully this post is hopeful on the rare chance you come across this problem.

Recently I deployed a new cloud server however the hosting company deployed a very old version of WHM, version 42 (11.42), to be exact.

I started running the updates for this to get it up to it’s most recent version, and ultimately was blocked to update EasyApache to EA4 from EA3.

I ran the migrate script as shown on their website:

/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/migrate_ea3_to_ea4 --run

This ran without issue and I continued on the upgrade train with destination 74 (you could have at least pretended to laugh).

All continued to run smooth through version 66, then I reached a block stating my version of ea-apache24-runtime-config was outdated and needed to be updated.

Easy enough, right? I mean, easy is in the name.. well.. not exactly, anticipating a simple yum update I was met with a response ‘No Packages Marked For Update.’

I went through the various steps of making sure that the repo was correct and checking the installed packages, a yum clean all followed with another update, and nothing seemed to work.

I went even so far as to force reinstall cpanel through upcp when it occurred to me, duh, to force reinstall easyapache 4.

The package version when I ran the migration script at version 50 whatever was of course outdated, and cpanel had loaded a new one but it was not installed.

Resolving this problem was as simple as:

/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/migrate_ea3_to_ea4 --run --reinstall

This installed the latest version of EA4 and allowed me continue my cpanel updates.

Hope this helps someone!

05 August 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Regal Movie Subscription Pass Is Coming!

We have done some investigating in our facebook group and determined that a highly anticipated Regal Subscription Plan is coming!

This started with an attempt to put pressure on Regal Theaters to create a plan, we started campaigning their customer service, and then something interesting happened.

They began responding with this official response:

“Hey _____! We don’t have any information to release regarding this program yet. Keep an eye out for more news later!”

This lead us to believe that perhaps there is a program in the works, or why else would they use that wording?

A couple of days later we received information from a Regal Theater General Manager that there is in fact a program in the works.


We received information from ANOTHER Regal Representative that there is a plan coming, the only information they gave was that it would be more than the moviepass cost of $9.95 a month and that it would be announced in “the next couple of months”

We came to do the determination, with all this information complied from various sources, that there will indeed be a Regal Cinema based Movie Subscription Plan coming soon!

We’re all pretty excited about it, but what could the plan be?

At this point it’s really hard to say what a plan would be.

However, Regal was purchased by Cineworld at the beginning of 2018, and Cineworld has offered it’s Unlimited program for more than a decade.

Cineworld Unlimited offers truly unlimited 2D movie viewings (as many as you can see in a day) and 25% off Concessions for £17.90 a month (approx. $24 USD).

It is our understanding that studios charge theaters in the US a lot more than in other parts of the world, so we are not expecting a truly unlimited plan.  We suspect it will be something similar to MoviePass’s original offering one 2D movie a day, at a price point of around $19.95.  They could also lean in to match AMC’s plan and offer 3 movies a week of any format.

All we can really do is speculate what the plan will be at this point, but we believe it is realistic to expect something similar to that.  Regardless of what it is, US Regal Fans are very excited and hopeful to be able to purchase our Regal Subscription before years end!