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[02:41] rigideyesocket: mmmm
[02:41] Insidmal: don’t tease me
[02:42] rigideyesocket: do you have tape?
[02:42] rigideyesocket: like clear scotch tape
[02:42] Insidmal: ooooh… so your the kin… oh
[02:42] Insidmal: i dunn
[02:42] Insidmal: dunno
[02:42] rigideyesocket: but the bigger kind for like boxes
[02:42] Insidmal: are you moving?
[02:42] rigideyesocket: no, trying to build a space ship
[02:42] Insidmal: really?
[02:43] rigideyesocket: yes
[02:43] rigideyesocket: want to come over and help?
[02:43] Insidmal: why?
[02:43] rigideyesocket: dude
[02:43] rigideyesocket: to go to space
[02:43] rigideyesocket: man
[02:43] rigideyesocket: why else?
[02:43] rigideyesocket: if it fails im just going to build a time machine
[02:43] Insidmal: to terrorize humanity?
[02:43] rigideyesocket: yes
[02:44] Insidmal: that’s why i would do it
[02:44] Insidmal: screw space, that’s too high
[02:44] rigideyesocket: i have no scotch tape
[02:44] rigideyesocket: this projects on hold untill I can get some
[02:44] Insidmal: what are you making a space ship for, really..
[02:45] Insidmal: and why are you using tape? a space bound with tape shal never fly!
[02:45] rigideyesocket: lol
[02:45] Insidmal: lemme see
[02:46] rigideyesocket: yay!

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