22 October 2008 ~ 0 Comments

What McCain / Palin Supporters have to say..

Palin Rallies

I am amazed at the level of racism and ignorance there is in this country, and when I see videos like this, which are crazily common nowadays, I am totally shocked. But then I am also not. People are just fucking dumb. They think that politics is some kind of playground battle. They have no idea how bad their lives will become if they actually got what they wanted. Why do they even imagine that someone like John McCain or Sarah Palin would care about them?Republicans only care about the super-rich, except when there’s votin’ to be done, because after elections are bought and sold, these people will get thrown away like the garbage they are spewing forth. What I see are mostly poor, frustrated, ignorant, misguided people who have been lied to so much by the government that they are just spouting off the lies in order to somehow make sense of the world. It is unbearably sad because they don’t see that it is actually Bush who was the ‘terrorist’ – who is sending their kids to die for totally made up reasons. They actually trust in a government that is killing them and wants to take away their freedom – and they don’t even know. These people should be pitied.

– Margaret Cho