03 November 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Vote to DEFEND Equal Rights of ALL Americans!

Californians – Vote NO on Proposition 8
Arizonians – Vote NO on Proposition 102
Foridians – Vote NO on Amendment 2
Americans – Vote to protect the rights of ALL citizens!

I need to ask for your help. There is an unfair ballot proposition that, if passed, will take away fundamental rights for some Californians. This is really important to me. Will you help me defeat Prop. 8?

What kind of world do you want the next generation to grow up in? One that is free from discrimination and intolerance?

Prop. 8 seeks to eliminate fundamental rights for one group of people. I trust you agree that eliminating fundamental rights – from anyone – is just wrong.

I hope you are already planning to vote NO. If you are, there are three things you can do below.

But just in case you’re unsure, I want you to know the real deal.

Watch this quick 30 second video to find out why voting NO on Prop. 8 is so important. http://www.noonprop8.com/messages

Virtually every major paper in California is against Prop 8. The L.A. Times says it is “a drastic step to strip people of rights.” La Opinión called Prop 8 “an unnecessary initiative”. The San Diego Union Tribune wrote that Prop 8 “offends many Californians’ sense of fairness.”

If that doesn’t convince you, I hope you’ll email me so we can talk about this.