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Top Hits 4 U: By the Numbers

By the numbers is a little series I do that shows real hard conversion rates for different traffic exchanges.  In the past I have highlighted Surf to Earn & Easy Hits 4 U (Surf to Earn vs Easy Hits 4U: By the Numbers) and Sweeva (Sweeva: By the Numbers).  This week we will be highlight Top Hits 4 U.

In a nutshell Top Hits 4 U is a Manual Traffic Exchange based on a modified LJ Script.  It has all kinds of incentives for surfing, like it’s Last Surfer Standing contest, as well as various fun and unique prize pages.

This is considered a ‘Social’ Traffic Exchange because it has lots of opportunities for branding, sharing, and interacting with the other members.

I’m going to review data here for results on Top Hits 4 U from 3 different websites. This will allow us to scale long term vs short term results.  One site we will review results from has been around almost a year, one for 6 months, and one for just over 1 week.  I think the interesting thing to see is if these heavy surf contests really do negatively effect the results.

The first site we will review Top Hits 4 U data from is The L Team. Keep in mind I am only tracking click throughs and conversions, not impressions.  I am using Google analytics to measure data.  The L Team has a little over 4,000 members with campaigns all over the internet, lets see how they performed using Top Hits 4 U

Top Hits 4 U over the life of the The L Team has generated 235 visits with a Conversion rate of 0.43%.  These aren’t the best results, in fact they are slightly below the site average of 0.74% for The L Team, however as I shared with you in a previous post (April’s Best Traffic Exchanges) a 0.43% conversion rate for a Traffic Exchange is still pretty strong, and The L Team being an older program does not convert as well as many others do.

Lets check stats of a different source.  Using the same method of measurement and tracking only click throughs and conversions, we’ll see what the results are for Traffic Swirl.

For Traffic Swirl, Top Hits 4 U has provided much higher Click throughs, at 1,562, and also a much higher conversion rate, 0.96%  The average for this site is 1.66% so that is still slightly lower than average, but again referring to my April TE post, it’s a pretty good rate for TE’s.

Checking with one last site, Fast cash and Traffic.  This site has only been around just over a week, and results have been measured using the same methods, lets see what the results are.

It’s important to note that during this period it was the Last Surfer Standing contest at Top Hits 4 U, which is a very large scale surfing competition.  So this one will be a good thing to note perhaps if Surf Contests really do hurt conversions.  From Top Hits 4 U, FCAT received 216 views, with a conversion rate of .046% again this is below the sites average, however it is in line with the averages from traffic exchanges.

Overall Top Hits 4 U provides a really enjoyable surfing experience, and delivers average results.  You can experience higher conversion rates at other TE’s, but they generally fall over the long term, and as you see the results here have maintained pretty consistent over the last year, and consistency is key when it comes to advertising mediums.

Given the sites enjoyable surfing experience, and on-par results, I would Recommend Top Hits 4 U.

P.S.  They did not endorse or pay me in any way to make this post, in fact they don’t even know it’s happening. 🙂