19 September 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Three tricks to increase conversions

When you are advertising in Traffic Exchanges, Viral Mailers, or anywhere else on the planet, there are three keys to maximizing the efficiency of your advertising.

Solve a Problem

For many entrepreneurs who are doubling as advertisers, it’s a common pitfall to want to list your key features on your advertising.  The reality though, is that most people don’t really care.  Saying your traffic exchange has a 5 second timer and 30% commission is relatively meaningless information for people who are viewing your ad.  Invoke emotion and problem solving if you want to succeed with your ad.  Create a feeling, express your culture, and share success.  Telling a business person that your advertising platform will help them generate leads at a lower cost is more invoking of action than saying you have the latest mod.

Be Better

A lot of business owners compare themselves to others.  A massive flaw would be to advertise what you have that is the same as others.. announcing you now have a feature that is already widely available will not garner any excitement.  Instead of detailing what is making your business the same as what they already use, highlight what makes it stand out and what makes it different.

Be Direct & Concise

The biggest failure in advertising is long drawn out sales pages that are inundated with attention-stealing elements.  If your main goal is to get a subscriber, or a click through, or a sign-up, then make that the obvious answer.  If someone is viewing your ad or sales page and has an option of 16 buttons to click before they even have a chance to scroll down and click the signup button, then it shouldn’t be surprising that nobody ends up clicking it.  Make the goal of your ad not only the obvious option — but the only one.  Make it clear to the viewer exactly what it is you are wanting them to do.

These three tips should help you maximize the effectiveness of any sales page or advertising campaign, but we know there’s more.  What are your tips to squeezing more conversions from your top performing ads?