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The Curse of Being John’s Car.. Part 1 – Death.

If you ever find yourself in the situation of being one of my cars.. RUN! Your doomed! So far I’m at a two year ownership maximum, lol…

Totalled 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix SE

I looked down to adjust my stereo and the person in front of my stopped and I ran into them, the airbags went off, nothing too crazy but it did catch my by suprise. The value of the car was only about $6,000 so obviously the damage above was a total…

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2008 –

It was any normal day off, lots of sleep, relaxing. I was going to a show that night and was going to take some friend’s with me so I thought I would clean out my car (shown above). I vacuumed out the inside, cleaned out the garbage and 180000 plastic soda and water bottles that were lining the floor of the back seat. The entire time I was listening to Bob Marley compilation through the vehicles speakers. I’m vacuuming out the front seat, finish, turn off the vacuum, then realize there is no more music playing. I killed the battery. 🙁 Luckily at that point my mom was on her way home from work so I was able to get a jump pretty effortlessly. (though trying to steer and brake a car that has power brakes and steering, with no power, is not necessarily an easy task). I started to get tired of cleaning it and decided I would take my car to the wash spot to get it cleaned out, washed, waxed, dried, all that good stuff, get it looking perfect, how I like it. I leave my house like normal up 69th street, turn on to Main street, continue as I do anytime I go anywhere from my house.

I first saw the Gray Chevy Tahoe pull up towards the stop sign. I noticed the car was moving out past the stop sign. I thought to myself, holy shit, I’m going to run in to this thing. Having experienced before in my Pontiac (first part of this post) where I rear ended a vehicle, I had a sort of an idea what to expect. I actually impressed myself with my quick and thoughtful reaction. I saw the vehicle beginning to pull out in front of me and instantly pushed as hard as I could against my brake pedal, and hung on tight as I was taken for a ride. It happened very quickly, I ran into the back corner of the tahoe.. and by ran into.. i mean under. The front of my car was pushed by momentum into and underneath the bottom of the tahoe. The momentum was such though that my car didn’t want to stop there. The back end swung around side, I spun AROUND the tahoe and found myself in this car–

Thankfully I managed to walk out not too seriously injured., and so did the other driver and her children. The next day I was starting to feel sore, but it was the day after that which i started really hurting and the bruises and marks started to surface more clearly.  I’m pretty sore but from my injury experience I know it’s stuff I just got to get over, sometimes I think I probably should have went to the hospital, but I’m fairly certain everything will heal up just fine.  The seatbelt left my chest very sore and sensative, but I remember a time when I bruised a rib and I think that felt worse so I know the bones are all still intact, I’ve broken a lot of them, and though this hurts, it’s a different kind of pain My right elbow hurts a lot to move too, but it’s feeling better every day.  This is a muscle tension soreness knotty kind of pain, not a nerve pinching unable to move kind of pain.  6 Makred police vehicles, and of course a fire truch and ambulance showed up, the road was shut down to one lane as my car sat smoking. Slightly after the road was opened up to a lane for each direction as the debris was cleaned, statements were taken, and assessments were made.

The other driver was cited for failing to obey a traffic signal or something like that, failing to yield right of way was also listed. The witnesses said she didn’t even stop, though to me it seemed like the moments before the accident, when I realized that I was going to hit her and there was nothing I could do other then try my damnedest to slow myself down as much as I could and be prepared for the collision.

Check out Part 2 for my progressive insurance experience with this in a day or so..