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Traffic Exchanges are Awesome

I was going through my email filters this morning and realized I was getting 10 new subscribers to my autoresponder every day from traffic exchanges.  Traffic Exchanges are, indeed, awesome.  What’s the most awesome part?  The fact that I didn’t spend a penny on any of that advertising, nor did I surf a single page for it.

I have my rotator plugged in at Traffic Exchanges all over the place, and my autoresponder lead capture pages make up only 15% of what is in my rotator, yet I’m still managing to get about a dozen new subscribers every day.  These subscribers are turning into referrals at dozens of different sites, and generating commissions for me on the regular bases.

Pretty Awesome.

This is all profit, by the way, since like I said I didn’t spend any time surfing or any money on credits, it’s all 100% free advertising, how can you beat that ROI?


What’s the secret?  It’s pretty easy, actually.


The secret sauce behind Traffic Exchanges is that when you refer people – YOU get credits when your REFERRALS surf.. I get tens of thousands of free hits every day without ever spending a dime or a minute of my time, it’s all automatic and passive, and I relax and reap the benefits from this excess of free advertising.


It can be a bit overwhelming and an uphill battle if you are promoting just a splash page, the secret is to promote downline builders and lead capture pages so you can turn one view into several referrals, it’s really the only way I’ve found to beat the game.  If you promote a splash page and you are getting 1 referral for every 1000 views, you are never going to get people fast enough to build up credits, but advertising something that funnels that one view into multiple referrals and sales, you can easily jump in front of the curve.


My favorite method for this is a site called Affiliate Funnel.  Affiliate Funnel is a free downline builder – you sign up, enter your affiliate ID’s, then promote Affiliate Funnel.  When someone joins they join not only your Affiliate Funnel downline where you can earn commissions from their sales, but they also join some, if not all, of the traffic exchanges listed.  This turns your one view, your one referral, into a referral at dozens of traffic exchanges, and when they surf at those traffic exchanges – you get credits.

One reason why I prefer Affiliate Funnel over the other downline builders is they also offer squeeze pages – this means you can advertise their site through a lead capture page, this way you are getting the lead as a subscriber to YOUR email list – now you are taking that 1 view and not only turning it into a referral at dozens of traffic exchanges, but also as a lead you can sell literally any product to via your autoresponder broadcast messages and autoresponder series… this is giving you tons of value for your Traffic Exchange credits in letting you turn 1 lead into multiple sales.


I think it’s easy to see how fast this system can exponentiate… the hardest part is at the beginning when you have no referrals, and having to surf or buy credits to get the advertising out there initially, but you start with 1 referral surfing 1 traffic exchange and earning you credits, then leverage those credits into a 2nd referral – bringing you even more credits.. and this easily snowballs into getting hundreds of referrals at hundreds of traffic exchanges and thousands of free daily ad impressions.

This is the same method I use to generate dozens of leads every day, and you can use it too – absolutely free.  Keep in mind though, that upgrading has it’s advantages.  At traffic exchanges upgrades give you a higher commission rate and also higher credit earnings from your referrals.  Be smart about what you are doing, often times buying an upgrade at a traffic exchange can save you money.

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17 September 2013 ~ 15 Comments

Quality vs Quantity

One of the primary arguments I hear from mediocre Traffic Exchange owners is that Quality is better than Quantity.  I decided to take a moment to use my platform to share my view on this.  First of all, to think that Quality and Quantity are mutually exclusive is just ignorant.  To say that a site is poor quality because it is more than active, or a less active site is better quality than a more active one.  Do people really believe this?

I won’t try and tell you what is better than something else, your tracking will do that for me, but I will show you what my tracking has indicated.

First of all – what IS quantity?  I guess maybe if you’re a TE that only has 500 active surfers a day, then yes 150k hits a day may seem like a lot, but is it?  150000 / 500 members is only 300 views per member.

Unless that source has less than 300 sites in rotation, this means your ad isn’t even being viewed daily by each member.  Studies have been conducted over and over again that prove that it takes DOZENS, some figures up into the HUNDREDS of impressions before a consumer can be converted to a customer.  So if your ad is only being seen once every 4 days, how long is it going to take you to get a single sale?

So what is Quantity?  At my Top Traffic Exchange I usually have about 2,000 surfers daily, and about 300k pageviews daily – that’s 150 pages per member surfed on average.  There are 3,000 ads in rotation, so even at a site delivering more traffic than almost any other Traffic Exchange in the market, it’s still only getting a view per member to your campaign every 20 days! (This is why we allow you to create up to 50 campaigns).. So is 300k ‘Quantity’?  Hell no it isn’t.. In my dream world every person will see every ad every day, so from where I sit I need to actually INCREASE Quantity or decrease ads, because as far as I’m concerned that’s not enough QUANTITY to produce the QUALITY I’d like to see.. given the amount of impressions taken to generate a sale.

Secondly, my tracking has shown me that new members = more buyers, almost always the amount of people coming in to the site has been in direct correlation to my results.  Maybe it’s a coincidence but the most active ‘Quantity’ Traffic Exchanges are also bringing in the most new member (Surprise!).  In this case, Quantity wins again WITH quality.

And Last – the motivation, attitude of the surfer.  Is surfing at the site a chore, or do members enjoy it and do it for fun?  Think about the last time you went shopping in a bad mood, then think about the last time you went shopping in a great mood.  I don’t think I need to explain this one further, but obviously people are going to surf more where they enjoy it more, and less where they enjoy it less.  Once again, Quantity ruling the day with Quality.

So next time someone tries to tell you that Quality is better than Quantity, ask yourself why you can’t have both?  Is the site owner having an ulterior motive?  It’ll be easy to look at their ‘Quantity’ and wonder why they are trying to sell you on something other than that… but at the end of the day, Track your results – stay in front of ANY TE every day for a month, and see where your results come from, and then the real story will reveal itself.

Does Quality matter? YES!  Duh!
Does it exist in Traffic Exchanges without Quantity? Not often.

*DISCLAIMER – Always consider the source when getting advice and compare it to what would likely serve their best interest, and also how well that seems to be working out for them.  Above all else, however, take advice from your gut instinct, and from your tracker.  Your Tracker is the only way to get the true story, if your ad sucks change it.  If you can’t change it, change how you use it, but the last thing to be doing is to be blaming someone for having a site that is too fast, too slow, too blue, too yellow, or has icons you don’t like when you are getting bad results.  You can get results from ANY and ALL Traffic Exchanges,  easily, just by taking personal responsibility and learning to become a better advertiser, and marketer in general.  When you stop arguing about what other people are doing, and focus on what you are doing – I GUARANTEE an increase in results across the board.  Don’t take my word for it though, track your results, and see for yourself.

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