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Everyone’s staring at their phone… and it’s a good thing.


It’s not uncommon to see people staring at their cell phone.

It’s also not uncommon to hear people complain about it.

Thanks to the internet we have access to more information, and people, than we have ever had at any other point in existence.  Every day more and more information is uploaded, there will be more information available to me tomorrow than there was today.

I’d like to argue that this is a good thing.

Trivial things like standing in line, waiting for your number to be called at the DMV, waiting for an order to arrive… these things that were usually filled with complete inactivity, sitting, standing, staring, have been forever altered.

Remember when people used to say that there weren’t enough hours in a day? Now you can research subsarahan climates while waiting in line at Starbucks, or send a photo of your son to your Mother, and catch up with her while making dinner.

What you’re seeing is people who now have more choices, they’re choosing to do something enriching with time that was otherwise lost.

The only time you have complainers, is when someone is on their phone while you are trying to have a discussion with them.   They are telling you something, they are telling you that something is more important than your conversation – and they’re choosing to do that something.  That sucks for you, but hey – at least now you know that either you, or the subject matter, are not important.  It’s not warm and fuzzy information to know about that person, but now this creates that same choice – for you – to stop wasting your time on a person or subject matter that doesn’t really matter.

So, Yes, people are staring at their phones.  And it’s the best thing they could be doing.  It may hurt your feelings, but the reality is that we now have more opportunities than ever to focus on the things that really matter to us, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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You’re Already Involved In Network Marketing, You just don’t get paid for it … yet

You're already a network marketer

You're already a network marketer

Have you ever …

… told a friend about a movie you liked?
… advised someone on where to have dinner?
… recommended a good book?
… sent a web site link to a friend?

We all have. Every single one of us has recommended some sort of offer to friends of ours. We do it every single day.

At the office, you might say something like:

Let’s have lunch at this great burger place today.
You have got to see this amazing movie!
Did you buy that new xBox game, yet? It ROCKS!
I’m reading this awesome book. You should check it out.

Businesses refer to this as “word of mouth marketing” and they know that it can be one of the best ways to create “buzz” about their product or service.

They HOPE you will tell your network of friends and associates about your great experience and then recommend it so that your friends will buy, too.

And when you do refer those friends and those friends spend money, these same companies won’t even send you a thank-you card, much less a piece of the revenue generated by your referral.

You are participating in “word of mouth marketing” by sharing your opinions and recommendations with your “network” of friends and associates.

Like it or not: You are involved in Network Marketing … for free! […]

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