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Unique or Repeat Views?

I always get people asking me about just getting unique views, and while my sites are very active and have a ton of members, and you do get a lot of unique views out of it, I have to always make the argument for the importance of Repeat Views.

The first thing you have to realize when you are advertising, is that people hate ads.  It’s in our nature to be instantly repulsed and annoyed by ads, that’s just our nature.  So if you are getting just unique views, you are NOT going to get results.  Period.  Track it for yourself, and you’ll see the same results.

You may get lucky in that what you are advertising has similar branding as someone else advertising it, or something else you are advertising, creating some familiarity and breaking down that barrier, but for the most part – you aren’t going to get a new signup the first time someone sees your ad.

The second major case for repeat ads, and one of my primary goals in my advertising campaigns, is top of mind advertising.  Coca Cola and other super-corporations that people always use as examples aren’t advertising in front of you every day to try and convert Pepsi drinkers.  Most people anymore never even made the decision of which Cola they prefer and it is passed down to them by their family.  The intent of their advertising is Top of Mind.  To remind you of their product and next time you are at the store, maybe you will buy it.

This is the same strategy I use in my advertising, one thing you have to remember is that in addition to New Signups, your EXISTING Referrals ARE surfing that Traffic Exchange too.  A little secret is that the largest sales items I’ve sold on any of my websites is  by members who have been long since inactive.  Members who vanish for 6 months or a year, then show up one day and purchase $500 in upgrades and advertising in one day, you’d be remarkbly surprised how common that is, and it’s not because I begged them to come back, but it’s because day after day, month after month, they are continuing to see my advertisements for the same products, constantly reminding them and proving to them the long term stability and activity of the product, these customers that return after long periods of inactivity actually make up for the largest volume of sales across my entire network.

Personally I try to aim for a Unique rate of about 10%-20%.  This means that I am getting a steady increase of new views, but also getting enough repeat views for my advertisements to become impactful, it not only takes a few dozen impressions to get a single person to even respond to your ad, but it can take another dozen to get them to take interest and actually start using it.  Advertising to a member doesn’t stop after the first view, nor does it stop after the sign-up.  It’s crucial to your advertising success to not only get unique views, but to constantly stay in front of the members eyes.

Don’t Take My Word For It!

Don’t ever blindly follow my advice or anyone else’s.. instead take my advice and TRACK YOUR RESULTS.  Try it out for six months, stay in front of people and see for yourself, you’ll be surprised how over the course of several months not only will your results begin to increase for an ad, but so will the activity of the referrals it gathered.

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Leveraging Traffic Exchanges – Part 3: Affiliate Programs (Building your Empire)

Ok! Now we are on the third installment of the Series on Leveraging Traffic Exchanges, and this is actually the part I get the most excited about.  We’ve discussed Surfing and Advertising in the previous sections, but today we are going to talk about Affiliate Programs and leveraging these Traffic Exchanges to start working for you.


I hear a lot of people complain about how “dumb” people are for promoting a Traffic Exchange in a Traffic Exchange, and this really couldn’t be further from the truth.

There is one thing we know for sure about the people surfing in a Traffic Exchange.. and that is THEY WANT MORE TRAFFIC!  A Traffic Exchange is the easiest and most effective place to advertise Traffic Exchanges.


Virtually Every Traffic Exchange in the market will give you credits based on your referrals surfing.

I could probably have just posted that one sentence and be done with the blog post.. but.. that’s totally not my style so I’m going to talk about it until my fingers hurt.


While many Traffic Exchanges do offer competitive affiliate programs with high commission rates, the most effective (and profitable) part of traffic exchanges is their referral downline credits.


Building up your Traffic Exchange Empire (as I like to call it) is pretty simple, as long as you start from foundation and work your way up.

Start with your 2 Favorite Traffic Exchanges, it doesn’t matter which two as long as they offer referral credits (Upgrading will usually earn you a higher percentage).

Focus on just these two traffic exchanges and nothing else, surf them every day, make sure your ads are at maximum exposure there, and make sure your primary thing you are advertising at each — is the other.

For Example I might want to being with Traffic Swirl and Surf Sumo — I would make sure to surf every day at each site, to engage with members in chat so they can get to know me better.

I will focus my ads to just Surf Sumo at Traffic Swirl, and just Traffic Swirl at Surf Sumo, I will get to know the members, engage with them, become a part of their communities.

It is just a matter of time before people become comfortable enough with you to start really paying attention to what you are doing (promoting) and the referrals will start to come in for both sites.


Now for example lets say I have now built up a downline of 50 people at each site, I’m finding that at Surf Sumo I don’t have to surf as much to get enough credits for the day, and as the referrals build you will begin to earn more credits per day than you can actually get your ads seen, and this is without even surfing yourself or buying credits.. the great thing is you’ll also have earned some commissions from them too along the way.

Now you can say ok, I don’t have to surf there anymore to keep my ads in rotation, and you can add a third exchange into the mix, and start focusing on building there.

Just simply go through one by one, and next thing you know you’ll have thousands of credits at hundreds of traffic exchanges being earned for you every single day, without you doing a thing.

Now you can leverage all of these free credits to not only save you a ton of money from having to buy them, but also a countless amount of time surfing for them.


Again I’m just trying to keep this guide basic so I’m going to stop here – but this very simple system is the exact same way I have come to be getting over 10,000 website ad hits a day from Traffic Exchanges, without ever buying a single credit or having surf for over 6 months now.


The most important note here is to take it slow, and to do just one at a time until you master it. Every time you switch what you are advertising, you are starting over from the beginning, so even when you have gone for two months and are getting tired and frustrated and want to give up – DON’T! IF you give up now you are going to start over completely from square one, so it’s very very important that you just stick to it every day, keep doing what you know you need to do – and don’t look back!


This concludes my little Leveraging Traffic Exchanges Mini-Series, hopefully you have found some of it useful and can use parts of it to help you maximize your Traffic Exchange Results in the same ways I have 🙂

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