02 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Happy Birthday Traffic Swirl!

On November 8th Traffic Swirl will be turning 3 years old, so I’m celebrating by giving away $2,000 Cash.

I’m paying out $1000 in cash to the top 500 members based on daily activity, referrals, and referral activity from now through November 11th.

I’ve also loaded $1000 cash and one of a kind special edition Birthday chat backgrounds in to our Limited Edition Birthday Gift Boxes available this week only in the Marketplace.

Come celebrate with us at Traffic Swirl and win now through November 11th.

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07 March 2013 ~ 1 Comment

Upgrade you numbskull!

Let me preface this by saying every site I own offers a membership upgrade.  Let me follow that by saying I don’t really care if you upgrade on them or not (actually I do).  I don’t care what you are promoting – if you are promoting something, upgrade in it.

I’m going to use the example of Traffic Exchanges basically because all day I see people talking about how you can’t make money promoting traffic exchanges as an affiliate program.

Traffic Swirl sells a lifetime upgrade for $247.  If you are a free member, you get 10% commission.  This is $24.70.. woohoo.. that’s a decent commission from one referral, but if you upgraded you would have gotten $123.50.

You missed out on $100 by not being upgraded.

The thing is you never know who that referral will be that takes a $200, or $300 OTO, or even better that upgrades and keeps their subscription for 4 or 5 years or longer.  It could be your next referral, it could be the one you got today.

I have members who don’t login for a year, then show up in full speed and drop $100 or $200 – imagine if that was your referral?

You don’t know who it is going to be – but you can increase your odds of getting commissions greatly by just doing a few simple things.

1.  UPGRADE – Kind of a no brainer since most will give you 3x-5x the commission rate if you are upgraded.  If you are promoting something actively as a free member, you are losing money.  Plain and simple.

2.  CONSISTENCY – Stay focused, don’t give up.  The longer you promote it, the more you will get noticed.  Get out of that employee mindset that you should get paid for every thing you do, that’s not how it works.  You will get paid in a year for what you are doing right now, if you’re looking for instant riches then forget about it.  That referral you got 6 months ago will see your ad today and see you are still involved with it, see that you are still focused and going strong on it, and that will motivate them.  They will login to that site, and they likely will buy something, not because it’s an awesome service, not because you’re an awesome affiliate, but simply because they have seen you stick with it for as long as you have, and in a market surrounded by people who promote the latest and greatest big hot pre launch every week, the amount of impact you make by simply promoting the same solid product speaks loud volume.

3. RESPECT – Treat every single affiliate like they made a $300 purchase, or a $5,000 purchase.  They may not have earned you commission yet, but you literally will never know when they get that light bulb moment and go for it, and take that step.  I will guarantee you with 100% certainty that if you are there showing support and helping when they are broke, they will damn well remember you when they aren’t.

4. EFFICIENCY – Save yourself time and money at every step, if you get an offer for a discounted 6 month upgrade or yearly upgrade, jump on it!  Put yourself in it for the long term, if you are paying month to month you are giving yourself an easy way out, and you are costing yourself more money in the long run.  Almost every Traffic Exchange will give you bonus credits, and 95% of the time those credits alone are worth the price of the upgrade, use your money and time wisely to maximize your efficiency – squeeze the most out of every dollar by buying when you see sales or discounts, the extras you get are ALWAYS worth the cost.

The thing I just touched on the last part there is another huge one for Traffic Exchanges – Time and Money!  You will not only exponentially increasing your profit potential by upgrading at a site, but you are hugely getting value out of it.  Most TE’s will give you credits every month for being upgraded, and most the time they will even give you more then it would cost if you just bought the credits – so even if you did it for the credits alone, you would be in the green.

On the same line as credits, TE’s generally give you referral credits, meaning when your referrals surf you will earn a portion of their credits, the amount of money and time you save here is a massive opportunity.  I’m going to be transparent with you – my primary rotator gets about 50,000 hits per day.  I haven’t bought credits in over a month.  This isn’t because I’m a cheap ass, it’s because almost 100% of the time I log into a TE with the intention of buying credits, I find thousands sitting in my account from my referrals surfing there, on top of bonuses for being upgraded.  I can’t even begin to imagine the thousands of dollars I’ve saved on credits simply by building a few dozen referrals in various TE’s.

If you like to surf for credits, then upgrades will save you a ton of time.  Not only do they give as much as 4x the credits per click (meaning you have to surf 1/4 to 1/3rd the amount of sites for the same amount of credits) a lot of TE’s will even give you a faster timer if you are upgraded, so not only do you need to surf less pages, you can do it on an even faster timer.  This can get you surfing more TE’s in less time to maximize your advertising reach.

Upgrading in TE’s is pretty much a no brainer, and I’m not just saying that because I own a couple, I don’t care which ones you upgrade at, but if you don’t commit and upgrade, don’t be wonder why you feel like you’re always trying to swim upstream.

Remember that $124 commission you got on that 1 random sale?  That would have paid for an entire year of upgrade costs, and making one $247 sale after promoting something for an entire year, is almost guaranteed to happen.  Think about it.

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