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They told me it would never work… they were wrong..

April 18th 2011 I went live with what was at the time a very controversial site – Fast Cash and Traffic.

I was told by everyone that it wouldn’t work, that the premium model was not sustainable, that it would crash and burn in six months.

I did it anyway.

Here we are.. 2 Years later… and guess what? The site is stronger then ever, more new members are joining every day in April of 2013.. two years later, then they ever have.

The moral of this story is – don’t listen to the other people – do your thing, do what you want to do, what you know is right.. and OWN IT!

You are the only one who can define success, and sometimes it’s crazy enough to work 🙂

To celebrate the 2nd, and strongest, year of Fast Cash and Traffic.. I’m forking out $500 in Cash to the awesome people who have stood behind and supported this project.

This is just another boring referral contest 😉  The top 5 referrers will each get $50 cash – the other $250 will be given to one lucky winner who earns at least 2 points in our contest (that’s only 2 referrals, or 1 sale).

I want everyone to get to win – including you.

Talk to your friends, find someone who is already a member and join today for your chance to win the cash!

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25 October 2010 ~ 4 Comments

Surf to Earn vs Easy Hits 4U: By the Numbers

Surf to Earn Traffic Exchange

Surf to Earn Traffic Exchange

When I first signed up for surf to earn a few months ago I thought it was sort of cheesy and gimicky, it seemed like something that people who try and join do so for their matrix plan.

I was wrong. I have gotten top quality traffic from Surf to earn.  Let me show you some comparisons below.

Easyhits4U is consistantly rated the #1 Traffic Exchange among all listing and categories, and it has by far the most amount of members (over 340,000).  I am going to compare below MY Results with EasyHits4U Compared to Surf to Earn. […]

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