19 February 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Infograph: Your Customer Service Sucks!

Do you suck at Customer Service?

Are you sure?

80% of businesses believe they provide superior customer service, but only 8% of their customers agree.


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07 February 2013 ~ 0 Comments

I’m Sorry.

If you are involved with any of my projects, which you likely are in some way, then you are very well aware of a massive downtime today at three of my sites.  The sites effected were Traffic Swirl, Viral List Builder Plus, and Fast Cash and Traffic.  Thankfully the tracking links and co-op were very minimally effected and worked correctly through the majority of this time.

I’m not going to get too deep into what happened with my Hosting Company here because it will frustrate me further, but basically it involved a lot of me waiting.  And waiting.  And Waiting.  As long as two hours between dialogue’s.  The rare times I did receive dialogue it was a “We’re looking into it”  – After being tossed between 5 different “Network Technicians” and hours of no response, a few random “problems” that could be the problem but turned out to be not even related at all.  Eventually, eight hours later they realize that the IP addresses they had assigned these domains somehow miraculously out of the blue were “not allocated to my server”  I have my own DNS so throughout that whole time everyone was able to connect to my server, but it was sending them to some other random server that now had my IP addresses (that were never assigned to my account according to them) which was denying your connections.

If you are confused, so am I.  They didn’t admit that they gave my IP addresses away to someone else, but I don’t know what to take out of them being assigned to another server other then that’s what happened.

I’m normally a very patient person, I worked at Walmart for six years while I went through college and started building my business, and the sort of hell you feel when a customer wide open rages on you, after staying up all night studying for school is a punishment no one should bare, and because of that experience I try and be very polite, patient, and understanding with customer service type people, I know they are in a position where they are getting yelled at all day, after likely already having a bad day before they even got there – I get it.

But what really makes me upset about the situation isn’t my money and time that was wasted – granted that does frustrate me, but what they fail to see is the literally thousands of people I am coming to them representing.  The part that really sets me off, is that it isn’t effecting just me.  Each of the thousands of people who use my sites every day are very hard working people, many of them are struggling every day just to get by.  All of them are people who are trying to better their lives, and the lives of their families.  When I have to wait eight hours for a resolutionwhile my server sits there unusable, they are not just effecting my business, they are effecting the business of thousands of other people.

For me to have to sit here and tell you that my services, which many of you have invested hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours, is just simply.. not working.

You deserve better.

It’s unacceptable for me to respond to your skype messages, your facebook messages, your tweets and help tickets with “yep.. it’s down.. nope I don’t know when it’s coming back.”  That is a rediculous thing to hear from any organization you participate in.  For me to have to say it to you is like a knife in my heart.

I can’t tell you what will come of this hosting situation, I’m not sure what the future holds.

What I can tell you, and what I can guarantee is that I will wake up every day, and I will work my ass off to create the absolute best products and services I can for you, because that is what you deserve.  I don’t care what people say, I don’t care what people do.   I don’t care what canned responses I get from a hosting company.  I will continue to fight for you, to give you a platform to stand from, and to give you the best of me that I am able to, every single day for as long as you allow me to.

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