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How to know if you are getting work done, or just keeping busy…

 In a modern world we are bombarded by interaction, communication, and stimuli.  In an attempt to stand out, and build loyalty, some mediums use gamification methods of points, badges, and leaderboards to create emotional and mental responses associated with the intrinsic values of success and accomplishment, but are you really getting anything done?

I know that I personally have spent entire days in conversation and social media and although I may have gotten an extra 3,000 points at my favorite gizmo, I look back on the day and realize I haven’t technically accomplished much.  In a gamified world it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and fun of contests and feel like you are actually achieving quite a lot, but is it really helping you reach your goals?

Here are a few steps you can take when you are completing tasks that may help you decide if you are actually accomplishing something, or just keeping busy.

Set Goals

The easiest way is to set a goal for yourself.  What is it you are trying to accomplish?  Now when you are completing tasks, you can ask yourself. ‘Is this helping me achieve my goals?’  It can also help you form your day by creating an outline of what you need to do that will help you achieve your goals, and limiting yourself to just those tasks.

Be Selfish

I’m not saying you have to be ME ME ME, but when you are completing something.. ask yourself, what’s in it for me?  Is what I am doing actually benefiting me in a real, meaningful, way?  Or am I being mentally tricked into benefiting another content creator or service provider?  You don’t have to do everything for you, in fact I’ve found my greatest joys have come from being able to help other people — but even in those cases, helping others can be extremely self serving.. is what you are doing something that is, or may in the future be, benefiting you? Or are you just keeping busy consuming content?

Create a Process

Breaking down your goals into small steps can help you get through day to day tasks with quick efficiency, and skip out on what makes you FEEL accomplished, but really isn’t doing anything.  With so much on the internet gamified (some are very sneaky about it) it’s easy to feel accomplished by earning a few points, getting new followers, or collecting a couple widgets, but defining your process and creating a list of tasks you want to accomplish for the day can help you make sure you achieve what needs to be done.

Make a to do list

Starting a day or week off with a list of what you’d like to accomplish over that period of time.  This is a simple process that almost feels pretty remedial while you are doing it, but it can do a lot for helping you to stay on task and being able to mark things off the list can make you feel accomplished, creating a rush that gets you craving to accomplish more.

Make a done list

A great exercise is at the end of each day (or throughout the day) write a ‘done’ list of the things you have accomplished that day, go through your list and see how many of these things actually aligned with your original goals, this will help you reflect on the things you do and realize the decisions you are making ‘on the fly.’  Sometimes just writing it down and looking over the things you have done, and how in line they are with your goals, can help you be more aware of how you are spending your time.


Many of us who are self employed, or trying to start a small business can feel like we’ve spent the entire 16+ hour day working, but sometime’s it can be difficult to measure how much you REALLY accomplished during that time… are you getting things done, or just staying busy?

I’m not saying to give up your favorite game or your social hour, but without a clear schedule and alignment of your goals, these things can quickly begin to take over, and many websites have become very good at making a mindless activity feel like an accomplishment.  Following these simple steps can help you work more efficiently, actually creating even more time for your favorite entertaining tasks.

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How the experts maximize advertising results, and bring customers back over and over again

Regardless of if you are using low cost or free advertising (like Traffic Exchanges) or an expensive CPA campaign, the way to squeezing the most results from your advertising dollars is by following up with your potential consumers.

We’re living in a time now that gives is more opportunities to connect with our customers (or potential customers) than ever before, but email remains one of the most trusted form of online communication. The benefits to building your email subscribption list are obvious to those who participate, but if you’re thinking of whether or not building a list is right for you, it can seem like a confusing and daunting task.

Advertising Multiple Products

If you are advertising multiple complimentary products than building a list is a necessity.  When you advertise your product on traffic exchanges, viral mailers, or CPA advertising like Google Adwords, you are paying per click (or page view) so when your consumer views your ad, you have an opportunity there to generate a sale.  However when they close the page or skip over your ad, that opportunity is now lost.  Instead, if you focus on capturing them on an email list or newsletter, you are given an opportunity to generate repeat advertising.  Why waste your one opportunity when you can leverage it and turn it into multiple sales opportunities?  Obviously two is greater than one, so instead of just presenting your dry sales page, create an opportunity for them to join your email list this so you can continue to advertise products to them.

Repeat Visitors

If you are into blogging or have your own sales website, building an email list is the cornerstone of an effective marketing campaign.  Being able to remind members, or potential members, of your product or service are essential to bringing them back.  In some cases your potential customer may have been greatly interested in your product, but be browsing on their cell phone or have to run to make it to an appointment and don’t have the time right now to complete the registration process.  By using an email list you can remind your customers of your product and service and drive repeat visitors to your sales opportunity, or bring them back to your next blog post.

Follow Up

Any experienced sales person will tell you that follow up is crucial to generating sales.  Studies have shown that only 2% of sales are generated on the first contact, simply being able to follow up with your customer will generate a massive increase in opportunity for sales.  By allowing your potential customer to share their email address with you, you have an opportunity to contact them a second, third, fourth (etc) time and follow up with your potential customers to generate sales.

Build Trust

In the last point we mentioned that only 2% of sales are generated on the first contact, this means that 98% of all customers will not purchase until a certain level of trust has been developed.  Being able to have them subscribe to your email list or newsletter creates an opportunity for you to provide value and build trust, to create a line of communication with your potential customer.  You can leverage this contact opportunity to build trust and confidence with your product which will help drive sales with new leads.

The internet is a very noisy place, and it can be extremely difficult to share your message in a noisy social world.  As a marketing an advertising expert I see tons of opportunities lost every day in advertising by people not creating an opportunity to follow up and build trust with their potential consumers.  A simple list building strategy can be used to maximize sales right now and start turning leads into customers, and new visits into repeat traffic.

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