18 January 2014 ~ 1 Comment

Surf Sumo Updates!

Big updates for you at Surf Sumo this week!  Check it out!

Turbo Surf Timer

The new Turbo Surf Timer lets you surf super fast with a 4 second timer, available in 1 hour – 24 hour increments, but the timer only counts while you surf – so you don’t need to use it all at once, if you log off or leave for a minute, the turbo will automatically pause and wait for you!

Turbo Surf Credit

The new Turbo Surf Credit lets you surf with double the credits, available in 1 hour – 24 hour increments. Like the Turbo Surf timer, the timer only counts while you surf – so you don’t need to use it all at once, if you log off or leave for a minute, the turbo will automatically pause and wait for you!


The ‘Prize Points’ have been renamed to Tokens.

Improved Chat!

Surf Sumo’s chat ahs been turbocharged! We’ve removed some of the bugs causing lag and added new custom color, background, and font features that you can unlock in the new Marketplace.

Surf Sumo Marketplace

Now you can use your Tokens (Prize Points) to get anything! Buy upgrades, advertising, customized chat features, or the new Turbos using your Tokens in the Surf Sumo Marketplace — of course you can still also purchase gift boxes using your Tokens (Prize Points!)


Login to Surf Sumo today and check out all the new features!

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29 August 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Traffic Exchange Verification Icons

There’s been a lot of discussion about surf icons lately, though mostly sparked from a video of an independent person, and I was just going to let it go, but I think it may be important to put a statement out there, so here it is.

It is as policy in my company to NEVER discuss cheat or anti-cheat methods with anyone, public or private.  There is no situation where telling someone how people can / are cheating your site is a good practice.

That being said, I have no plans to change icons at all on any of my properties.

I also would absolutely NEVER condone any business basing their perception on a Traffic Exchange but what is obvious to them as cheat prevention, only your TRACKING can tell the true story.

I spend every day of every week not only checking logs to find potential cheaters, but also improving and developing software to end it, if you want me to turn it into a marketing sales pitch and put out a press release every single time I update a cheat prevention method, sorry, you are not going to get it.  I’d rather not have to make a formal announcement every day, nor would I ever want to tell the existing cheaters that have not been caught, to keep an eye out for updated things.

The icon systems are just a very basic first level of defense, the concept when designing icons for any of my sites is always to make them as absolutely easy as possible for a human to resolve quickly — choosing varying shapes and colors that are very easy and quick to identify, as well as being accessible to all persons including those with disabilities.

The primary function of my advertising resources is advertising, I firmly believe that the icons should take the LEAST amount of focus from the member.  The advertisements are not displayed on the icons, therefor a member spending a disproportionate amount of time trying to solve simple logic puzzles is a massive disservice to my advertisers.

I have developed and will continue to develop extensive anti-cheat measures that are beyond the surface, I firmly believe that a strong anti-cheat system is completely invisible to the vast majority of users.  I will continue to do everything I can to continue to ensure only the best quality traffic possible (Surprise! You can have Quality AND Quantity!! GASP!) to my members, and currently that does not necessitate changing any icons and further complicating the experience for my valued members.

I would absolutely never recommend a person to buy advertising based on their icons, the ONLY thing I have and will continue to recommend basing your purchase decisions on is TRACKING.

If you put 50,000 credits on one site and get 100 conversions, and put 50,000 at another and get 3 – then the obvious answer would be either your targeting sucks for that second site, or there is a problem with their advertising.  If adapting your ads and better targeting to the site still does not increase conversions, THEN and ONLY THEN would I suggest maybe reducing your advertising there.

To recommend purchases based on anything other than tracking and results is ignorant, from my view.  I understand people wanting to support their friends, but this is business.  Dumping money into something that consistently does not provide a return is just a complete waste of your budget, which should be common sense but sadly isn’t.


The primary reason we do not make product recommendations outside of our own is that there is no fill-all solution for anyone, if there were we would just have 1 advertising source and everyone would be using it, different sites work for different types of products and advertising methods, making a recommendation without being fully 100% involved in the product being advertised and advertising methods used is guaranteed to decrease trust when your recommendation fails them.

The only way you can know if an advertising source will work for you is to try it, test it, and track it, not by looking at the style of icons it chooses to or not to use, if anyone was to ever suggest otherwise I would highly question their motives and if they can even be trusted as a company.


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