23 March 2011 ~ 11 Comments

Sweeva: By the numbers

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘By the Numbers’ post (Surf to Earn vs Easy Hits 4U: By the Numbers), but I’m going to try and start making this a weekly thing, this week I decided to cover Sweeva because it has always been a huge part of my overall marketing campaign, the results were shocking.

I have two major sites that I promoted using Sweeva, one is Traffic Swirl with just over 1,500 members, and the other is The L Team with just over 4,000 members.

I have had tracking set up on these sites using Google Analytics, and used Goals to measure sign ups.  Now these campaigns weren’t just my own, this tracking uses every single member of either site and their promotion campaigns, using both my splash pages and ones they made themselves.

I can’t tell you exactly how many views each one got because the number has been reset so many times, but through my own campaign in the last week it received 1,028 impressions. If you break that down into days it is 146 a day, multiplied by the number of days I have advertised it (every day) since launch (November 8th) is 143 days * 146 a day = 20,878 as a conservative estimate, and that is only 1 campaign from 1 website, not to mention the 1,500 other members of that site who may have campaigns there, and even my own additional campaigns.

Going through Google Analytics, Sweeva brought 90 click throughs. That click through rate is terrible even if it was just my own campaign, but keep in mind there are hundreds of other campaigns going for this site also, to be conservative again we will say only 25 other people advertised my site as much as I did, that would be 521,950 impressions, giving it a click through rate of.. well I tried to calculate it but it went into scientific notation the number was so small.

And how many sign ups?


What’s the average conversion rate for that site from Traffic Exchanges?  2.22%.  This means that on average out of every 100, 2 people ultimately sign up from other TE’s.  2 per 100 people.  Out what is easily over half a million at sweeva, 0.  Pretty shocking, right? It won’t surprise me if you question me, so here is a screen shot.  Notice the date range November 1st 2010 to March 23rd 2011, The site was launched on November 8th.


Sweeva Analytics

Sweeva Analytics for Traffic Swirl (Click to Enlarge)

Ok, now lets move on to The L Team, same scenario, every users splash page is tracked, 4,000 members.

This site launched in August,  it had a bit better success with Sweeva. It generated 1,929 click throughs, with a 0.16% conversion rate.. yep.. 3 sign ups. What’s the average Conversion Rate for The L Team from TEs? 0.43% So 1 in 200 TE visitors on average sign up, but for Sweeva, 1 in 600.

Want the image for that? here it is..


Sweeva Analytics for The L Team

Sweeva Analytics for The L Team (Click to Enlarge)

Why do you suppose this is?  I have a couple of suggestions, it could be the rampant amount of people cheating.  When people cheat either it be by using automated software, or using multiple accounts, they are creating views that do not convert.  If it is automated then they are not even seeing the site, if it is because they are using multiple accounts, then they are seeing it but are clearly surfing in several tabs at once just to try and get more credits.

Are people using multiple accounts on sweeva? Yep. Here’s an example just off the top of my head.. http://sweeva.com/profile/janey and http://sweeva.com/profile/louisecardow they may not be promoting the same identical splash pages, but go look at the the usernames of the sites they are promoting.. strange, they all use the same referral ID on their splash pages.. how strange that all the sites they are both promoting both tell me ‘referred by:’ and the same person. Hmm..

Ok so lets give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe the Sweeva admin just didn’t know.. oh wait, I told them about this and several other multiple account users several months ago.. what sort of response do I get? “I’ll let the guys know and we’ll look into it”  Guess what.. MONTHS later, both accounts still active.. hmm.. interesting?

What about automated clicking.. Interesting thing about Sweeva’s surfing is there are no icons to match, nor do the icons move.. what’s to stop people from downloading an autoclicker or macro software and just set it and forget it?  I don’t know, you tell me..


I’m not trying to Sweeva Bash here, just share my experience.. it lacks results, you feel like you are getting results because people are commenting on your sites, commenting on your profiles, giving you good or bad ratings.. but really when it comes down to the numbers.. well.. there aren’t any..  maybe the reasons above are why, maybe something will be done?  I guess as long as you pay them every month, you have free reign.  My suggestion? If you are going to be one of those unethical bad seeds who feel the need to cheat, upgrade, apparently that allows you to get away with it.. if you are legitimately spending your time surfing and surfing hoping to get some results on splash pages and squeeze pages using traffic exchanges, then measure your results, there are all kinds of people trying to charge you for tracking services, but the best and most effective is google analytics, of course you are welcome to use any tracking method you use, but track.  If you aren’t tracking you can find yourself like me 6 months down the road realizing all the hours days weeks and months you’ve spent clicking for credits at one exchange is getting you no where, while another is returning much better results.

Moral of the story: Track, Track, TRACK!!