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01 December 2007 ~ 0 Comments


I had to try and think of a title for this post.. I might scrap the whole title thing or replace it with the date or something, trying to come up with a title for this little random nonsence makes me think a lot more then I should have to. <}MOCE{>Giving was wonderful. It’s always nice to see friends, though due to my work schedule most have left. After work I picked up mitch to take him over there, and we were going to pick up a few beers to take with us, but the wine cought our eye. We decided we wanted a white wine and ended up with a chardonay, it was massivley on sale, normal it was twenty bucks, but with my perfered card it was 10 bucks.. I don’t actually have a prefered card, why the hell do they need to know who I am and where I live anyway, it seems unecessary and makes my over-paranoid conspiricy mind wheels start to turn.. is it not enough that I give them money for their over priced crap that was made in a factory anyhow.. not the wine though, I don’t think it was made in a lab.. well, it is sort of a lab, but something that’s mostly composed of a natural plant I think would be hard to synthesize, unlike that kraft bullshit, I don’t even know what the fuck that is. I wish I would have payed attention to the name of the wine so I could share it, it was a pretty good bottle, but I couldn’t pronounce it. I think I tried to avoid thinking about the name of it or looking at the label too much when I decided I couldn’t pronounce it, and since it was some wierd foreign name that I didn’t know what meant. If I don’t know what the word means it may as well not exist.. why are so many wine’s called french names anyhow? most of them are made in california.. I don’t know if things have changed, but the last time I visited California there weren’t many places that seemed fluent french.. damn marketting anyway. .. so moving on.. mocegiving was sweet, an evening with the newbs is always a pleasure, I’m VERY excited for them opening a computer store in town, Symphony Computers, I think the company I am opening and his will go together very well, and they have asked me to help them with theirs, which I am looking forward to doing. It’s good for me to keep busy, otherwise i get bored and the crap in my brain starts to spill onto the floor.. and well, I don’t consume things that have been on the floor so.. keeping my mind active will really keep me focused on my goals, and I would love to be able to help them, they are such amazing people. I wish them nothing but the best, not that I have to.. they deserve it, they’ve worked for it… i believe in karma so I know for a damned fact they will get what’s coming to them — success and happiness in whatever it is they strive at. All and all it was a very nice night, relaxing and pleasent, something I needed.

30 November 2007 ~ 0 Comments

My heart goes out to the friend’s and family of…

I have terribly tragic news. My friend became infected with a terrible disease, something so terrible only the devil himself could craft it. He has an infected testicle. Now I don’t actually really know what an infected testicle is, however I do know what an infection is. I also know what a testicle is, and I would assume that those two words put together is not very pretty. This being said, I wish him the best of luck with his balls and for a speedy recovery. Also, tonight is the annual <}MOCE{>giving dinner, around 8 pm at the newburry farm, I’m highly looking forward to it. I haven’t gotten to spend time with them in a while and I miss them all dearly, I’ll let you know how it goes in a later post.. well.. actually if you read the page top-down it will be in an earlier post you already read, lol, oh well.. nonetheless, here is today’s quote:

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If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. – Einstein.

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