10 November 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Netflix > Blockbuster Online.. my experiences

I have had both netflix and blockbuster online for a period greater then 6 months, on separate occasions.  Here’s my experience


  • Lower Rates then Blockbuster Online
  • Extremely large an vast selection of titles
  • Fast Delivery
  • Unlimited Online Play of titles
  • I never recieved a scractched or damaged disk.
  • Bills same day each month
  • When ending account, option to keep account active, but suspended.  No more movies will be sent until a payment is made, but you don’t lose your list.  Also gives you about a week leway to return your current out videos.


  • More expensive than netflix
  • Smaller selection of “off-the-beaten-path” titles.
  • Delivery slower then Netflix for my region
  • Allows you retun titles a store, but only a limited qty.  I had the three at a time deal and it allows 5 returns to store, seems like a decent amount, but really that’s not even two full deliveries.  If you watch a movie a day, or even every two days, this amount to return to store really doesn’t make it any more convenience, aside that in a few of your views of a month you don’t have to wait that longer time for delivery.
  • 1 of every 5 titles I recieved was scratched or damaged in some way.
  • Bills every 30 Days, your bill date slowly moves earlier and earlier in the month, not a significant change but it still feels like your getting screwed.
  • When ending your account, they want the movies back right away.  Any movies not returned by account end date you will be billed $19.99.  This amount is a bit more then the movies actual retail price, not to mention you don’t have the box, cover, or any books included.  If it is a Multi-Disk set your billed individually that price for each disk.    This company’s inability to work with it’s customers caused me a bill of $19.99 per each of the 3 disks I had, in seperate transactions.  Being only 3 days before payday, I had about $3.00 in my bank account.  It charged each disk as a seperate charge, each earning me a $35 overdraft charge.  On top of the increased cost per month, it ended up also costing me a $165 closing cost.

Blockbuster not only lost my trust and respect for them as a company with their online service, but I will not be going to their store either.

Netflix on the other hand, I still hold in high regard and recommend to all my friend’s and family, including you.

I have no affiliation with either company or subsidiaries, aside from being a customer of both, and am not recieving any sort of incentive for posting this.  This is simply a statement of my experience so no one else goes under the same terrible experience