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Marty Petrizza – Entrepreneur of the Week

Marty Petrizza
Website Traffic Hog LLC
age 55

What is your background? How did you get started in business?

I began online as many do. I surfed and read mails and tried all kinds
of various programs to earn money.

Have you had a ‘normal job’ before? How did this impact the formation of your business?

I did have a full time job as a Dog Groomer and also
had owned my own business so when I started my first
traffic exchange I did totally approach it from a business aspect.
I spent the time and the money necessary to make the business a success.

We believe taking risks and making mistakes, what is one of the biggest mistakes you’ve made as an Entrepreneur, and how were you able to turn this mistake into a positive situation?

My biggest mistake or mistakes was just trying too many things and
thinking that maybe this one would be the ONE!

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned so far as an entrepreneur?

I used these lessons later in my business development to make myself concentrate on my sites
and make sure before I opened another site that they were productive
for the members and had enough momentum, membership, and results before
I went to open another site.

What is the number one thing you attribute your business success to?

Honesty, integrity, and really putting the members first is what I
attribute my success to.

What is the number one thing you would do differently if you could start over?
The number one thing I would do differently is to start with
a programmer and create a more custom site from the get go. I did
add unique aspects to Website-traffic-Hog but as well had a script that
everyone had.

What is the number one thing you would do the same if you could start over?

The number one thing I would do the same is creating something to offer
that is different. So these two answers are almost the same but
I would have just put a bit more time into creating that total uniqueness.

What is the biggest advice you have for new entrepreneurs?

Again, my best advice is to search your mind and heart for
something you see lacking somewhere or needed somewhere and then
work to bring that to your members.

I believe it may take a bit longer this way to reach profit and the chance to actually
quit your day job, which I have now, but to make sure first and foremost that
your members are the ones making money and getting results before
you start taking back from the business is essential. After all, no one will stick
with your site or plan if they are not benefiting. You may fool them once, but if you
want long term members and income you have to make sure you are not the only one benefiting.

Thousands of aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs will see this post, is there anything else you would like to use this platform to share with our readers? Advice, criticisms, or theories?

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