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Know Your Rights on Election Day!

Q:  I got a bulletin saying I won’t be allowed to vote if I wear my campaign gear, is this true?

A:  This is true ONLY in Nebraska, New York, and Virginia.  If your in these states, simply but a jacket over your shirt or take off your button when your at the polling place, everywhere else, wear your colors proud!


Q:  I got a message saying I can vote now my phone, is that true?

A: No, it’s a poll or someone trying to trick you out of your vote.  Don’t believe it, go vote november 4th to make it count.


Q: I’ve been getting mixed information about what sort of ID i need to bring to the polling place.

A: Not all states require ID, but it’s a good idea to bring it anyway.  If you don’t have proper ID you can always still cast a Provisional Ballot to get your vote in and counted as soon as you return with required ID.


Q: Straight Ticket Voting – Do I still need to vote for president or does it apply to all?

A: If your state has straight ticket voting, and is NOT NEBRASKA, JUST choose Straight Democratic or Straight Republican.  If you ARE in Nebraska you will need to choose your straight ticket AND Presidential vote, of course you are not required to choose straight ticket voting, in fact, it’s better to review each candidate individually and see who represents you.


Q: My home has been forclosed, is there any truth to the rumor that I now can’t vote?

A: Absolutley not, every American has the right and privilage to register to vote and do so regardless of housing status, again if you run in to troubles, be sure to insist on a Provisional ballot.


Q: What if I have unpaid bills or fines, speeding tickets or what have you, can I still vote?

A: Of course! Unless you are a CONVICTED Felon, you have every right to vote!  Law enforcement will NOT be there screening voters.


Info on Provisional Ballots

Know your rights

Know the rules and regs for your specific zone

It’s important to be informed and know what your in for.  Know your rights as a voter, and know your candidates.  Please vote, but vote smart.  Research the candidates as you go in to the polls on november 4th.