11 April 2016 ~ 0 Comments

It won’t work

Growing up, I was never very popular.

I got picked on, like I think many people, for just about everything you can imagine.

I didn’t made friends very easily, because, frankly, I didn’t like very many people.

Everything felt so superficial, fluffy, and fake… of course I didn’t know those big of words then, but the feeling was the same.

I was always a bit of an outcast, a loner.

My parents worked very hard for me and my brother, which meant we often spent a lot of time at home by ourselves growing up.

My brother was very involved in Tae Kwon Do, something that took a significant amount of time and attention for our family, while I stood on the sidelines, running through the bleachers, mostly by myself.

Middle School wasn’t much different, and it wasn’t until High School that I finally found some other weirdos like myself to call friends.

When I got my first job, I was often questioned by my superiors.. I didn’t like to ask for permission, I never really had to before because I was most always on my own.

I would get an idea on how to make something better, and I would do it.

The people who’s job it was to check the checklists, weren’t very fond.. what I was doing wasn’t in their guide book.

Eventually they learned to just let me do it, the funny thing about business is that you only time you really need to follow their rules, is if the opposite doesn’t work.  When you increase productivity and sales, they stop questioning it and learn to turn the other cheek pretty quick.

When I started my business, nothing was different.

There was no shortage of people telling me I was doing it wrong, and maybe I was — but experience is something that cannot be taught, told, or yelled.

They told me I was wrong, they told me it wouldn’t work, they constantly criticized and critiqued my every action.

It’s ok though, by then I was used to being made fun of.. it didn’t really matter what they thought of it, it was my business, my experience, my life.  Not their’s.

It’s funny, looking back now.  I was told how I was doing everything wrong, then I was told how it wouldn’t work.

Then all of a sudden people were taking credit, accusing me of copying them, stealing their ideas.. as though the work I was doing should have somehow been attributed to them, it was supposed to be their’s.

The same work that they said was wrong, the work that they said wouldn’t work.

Now people come to me and ask, “What should I do?”  “What Do I do?”  “How do I do it?”  “How do I make this work?”

I rarely reply.

The trick isn’t in talking, it’s to doing.

This month we celebrate Ad Master Plus‘ 5 Year Anniversary.

Everybody told me it was wrong, that it wouldn’t work… even today, 5 years later, when people try to accomplish something similar, those same critics say it won’t work, that it can’t work, that those things never work.

Except, of course, for when they do.

5 Years ago, Ad Master Plus did.  And it still does, today.