26 September 2008 ~ 0 Comments

InsidmalDesign.com Supports Obama / Biden 08!

With the coming election and current state of economy, this election means more then any.  One way or another, history will be made.

Insidmal Design has made the decision to come public with it’s support for the Obama / Biden 2008 ticket.   One way we show support, and allow our customers to support he campaign is by creating a special offer for the month of october where you can have a chance to support the campaign, with your support matched by insidmal design.

Throughout October 25% of All Purchases and Sales in any division will be donated to the Obama for president campaign.

In addition to the 25% of purchase donation in your name, Insidmal Design will MATCH your donation.  If you made a purchase of $400 to support your business or groups web presence or marketing campaign, $200 will go to support the Obama Campaign.

We feel that Obama represents us as a company, as people, and as members of our community.  Because of the impact we feel this campaign will have on our lives, we made the decision to do this, to support hope, to support change.

Thank you.

InsidmalDesign.com supports Obama. 25% of all purchases made will go to a MATCHED donation to the Obama Biden Campaign.