01 April 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Important Anouncement: I’m moving on…

Well, It’s been a long road, but here I am. I have come here today to make a very special and important announcement. I have decided today something that will change my life forever. The rest of my life has been based and ideas from this decision. I thought long and hard before deciding this, but I think having made this decision that I made the right decision wiht my life. This decision is one I have lived my entire life up until this point to decide. The rest of my life will forever be altered by this decision. This decision however, is a good decision. It is a decision for the better. I can no longer live my life without making this deicision. So I have decided to do something, something that will change my life. This action will alter the future of me, and possible some of you. A positive action that will make things better, in the long run. This action will be to make the following decision.

I have decided to move on with life, and fulfil a life long dream.

A dream. To call Herring.

Blue Herring

Life on the coast, the smell of the fresh salty tuna-esque air. The gentle breeze of the wind and sound of the crashing tides, as I rest on the cliff, doing my very serious bidding. To call herring is a noble and important task. When the seagulls soar I will be there to see it. When the signs of the herring in the sea make their presence known. I will be there to see it. A community thriving on the herring, relying on me.. being there to see it. I will call to the village. Call to them I will! Herring! Herring! Herring! A Herring Caller I will be, Calling Herring! Herring! The community will run in thrill to their boats, canoes, kayaks, ford tires.. The Herring! The Herring are Here! And fish them up they will. The mothers and children will gut them together in a family celebration, feeding the spine to the babies to suckle on! Ah the delightful Herring! They will make a stew, or fry it. Mmmm.. Herring! A very important job it will be in seeing that the satisfaction of the village is fulfilled by the delectable Herring!


The road I have gone down has been long, and to all of you in the process, I say thank you for being my friend, or thank you for being my enemy. Either way. Thank you for not detouring me from my life long dream to Call Herring. I love you all and to have had you in my lives is something that can never be taken from me, and for that I am grateful. I hope you all understand this decision and the importance of the decision and impact the deciding action makes on the deciding factors of my life.

Thank You.


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