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How To: Use Fast Cash and Traffic to Build Your Funnel

Fast Cash and Traffic can provide you some seriously sustainable long term income, not only in Fast Cash And Traffic but also in several other programs. It is easy to use Fast Cash And Traffic to build your funnel.

What is a funnel?

A funnel is essentially a way to build your business.  We all have generally several programs we promote to earn income with.  There are two major ways to build downlines for your programs.  I call them One to One, and Many to One (Funnel).

In a 1-1 scenario you are promoting each product independtly, one product to one person, and gathering various scattered sales one at a time from one person at a time.  This method can work for you, but as you read on you will agree that a Funnel (Many to One) system can be much more effective.

Ideally with a funnel system you are recruiting one person, instead of to a certain program, you are recruiting them into a funnel.

Your funnel can be anything from an email list to a well built downline builder.

The concept behind it is that you recruit the member once to one email opt in or downline builder program, and from there you sell that user multiple products via follow up in an auto responder, or by promoting activity in the downline builder, this way your 1 referral follows you to many programs and many sign ups.

Let Fast Cash and Traffic be the tip of that funnel.

When you refer a member to Fast Cash and Traffic you are doing two things.  First thing is you are adding a qualified buyer to your downline.  In order to receive credits or advertise their sites on FCAT, your referral must be making a purchase.  If your referral makes a purchase (which about 40% do) You will earn a commission.

Earning the commission puts you well on the way to having a highly successful and qualified targeted funnel.

The next step I would suggest for you is to then upgrade in a program in the downline builder.  Upgrading in these programs will generate you more commissions there.

Your FCAT referral has already proved themselves as a qualified buyer who is willing to make a purchase and generate a sale, when they visit the downline builder, they will be joining Many programs under YOUR affiliate link.

That is the One to Many or Funnel method.  Your 1 Referral you brought into FCAT is now joining you under Many programs, and since your referral is to FCAT, they are a qualified buyer.  Not only are they making purchases online, but they are also earning commissions, and increasing their buying power.

These members will follow you into the downline builder programs, and most of them will upgrade.

Lets Recap:

1 – Join the programs in the FCAT downline builder, and enter your referral ID’s into the form.
2 – Promote FCAT as your primary product.
3 – Since your FCAT referrals are not only qualified buyers, but also making money with FCAT, they will join under you in the downline builder, and many will upgrade, earning you more commissions off of just that 1 referral.
4 – Use the commissions earned to upgrade in those programs to receive an even higher commission rate.
5 – Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

It’s pretty easy to make money online when you have the right system.

==> Log in to Fast Cash and Traffic and fill out your downline builder today at http://fastcashandtraffic.com


I know this post is getting long, and you are welcome to stop reading now, but below I am going to share with you WHAT programs I placed in the downline builder, and Why I feel they are beneficial towards your success.

Traffic Wave
Traffic Wave is a low cost auto responder system.  Traffic Wave auto responder is perfect for continuing growth of your funnel, you can gather subscribers and opt ins, instead of individual sign ups (one to one) and continue to make sales to the same group of people on your list (many to one).  Traffic Wave is a product I use every day, in fact this email is coming from Traffic Wave right now.  You can join Traffic Wave or get more info about it from your http://fastcashandtraffic.com downline builder.

Jerry Iannuci’s Auto Responder Profit System
This is an absolutely astounding ebook from the master of email marketing himself, Jerry Iannicui.  This book will tell you how to use Traffic Wave to build an opt in list, and how to sell to that list as your funnel (many to one).  It is absolutey free to get and download, which I highly reccomend, or you can buy rebranding rights and use your own referral ID’s in the book, thus giving out the book can also be a way to build your funnel as people who read it will be advised to join a few of the programs listed in it. You can join ARPS or get more info about it from your http://fastcashandtraffic.com downline builde

Traffic Exchange Profits
TE Profits is another excellent funnel building system.  This allows you to promote TEP and then as people join they will follow you into the other programs listed within it. You can get more info about TE Profits or join it from your http://fastcashandtraffic.com downline builder.

Affiliate Funnel
Another totally free resource, Affiliate Funnel is a Traffic Exchange downline builder with built in ranking system, sign up, enter your affiliate ID’s, vote for your favorite TE’s.  As people join below you, they will be joining many exchanges using your affiliate ID’s, and who wouldn’t join the top ranked TE? Let them do it under your affiliate link. Get more info about Affiliate Funnel and join from your http://fastcashandtraffic.com downline builder.

Traffic Leads 2 Income
TL2I is a great program to help you promote your primary business, it takes you by the hand and walks you through building a capture page, and getting referrals.  This is another funneling system to help you build many downlines from one referral. Join Traffic Leads 2 Income or get more info from the link in your http://fastcashandtraffic.com downline builder.

TE Command Post
TE Command Post lets you take charge of your TE credits, it will monitor your various traffic exchange accounts to help you keep track and keep focused by letting you know what TE’s you have lots of credits in, and ones you don’t have  any credits in so you can surf more effectively.  Take command of your TE credits by joining TE Command post in your http://fastcashandtraffic.com downline builder.

Traffic Exchanges
The last 3 entries on the downline builder are different Traffic Exchanges.  These are all smaller exchanges that have had proven results for me.  I love to show support to small business owners who have the motivation and dedication to move forward in our business, and the owners of these exchanges have done that while being able to provide excelelnt results. Check out the traffic exchanges in your http://fastcashandtraffic.com downline builder.


Does the funnel system make sense yet?

You could join all 10 of these programs and promote them individually.

Or you could join all 10 and then just simply promote Fast Cash and Traffic and let your referrals at FCAT follow you into these other programs.

Would you prefer to promote these programs individually and hopefully 1 referral each, or just promote 1 program and get 1 referral into all 10 programs?