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How to get rid of Facebook Game requests for good!

Ah yes.. Game requests.

Everyone’s favorite thing to hate.

As our friends pile on requests for Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, or Cash of Clans.. the rest of us sit here screaming WWWWHHHHYYY?!!

Well, thankfully Facebook now allows us an easy way to disable these game requests, once and for all.

Thankfully, the process is fairly simple.

How to Disable Game Requests from Facebook on your Desktop Computer

Facebook Settings

The first thing you’ll do is click the little down tick on the top bar, that will allow you to access your settings.

Next, click on ‘Apps’, scroll down a bit and you will see ‘Apps, Websites, and Plugins’  Click Edit.

The next step, is to simply disable.

WAIT! Disabling Platform however will also mean you can no longer log into sites using facebook, if you’re ok with that, click disable.  If you prefer to use facebook to login to websites, or want to block just specific games, there is another solution below.

How to Block Game Requests on FB.

Blocking individual games may be a better solution for many users who still want the features that come along with Facebook platform, so a better solution can be to block the games themselves.


In the sidebar, click on the word MORE next to ‘Your Games’

If you do not have a ‘Your Games’ you can also click the MORE next to Recommended Games, or type ‘Games’ into the search bar get to facebook.com/games

Click on the top where it says Activity.  This will show you all your requests.

Click on ‘Ignore All’ next to the game name.

Now you can simply click ‘block’ to block all future requests from that game.


Finally Relief from game requests 😀

Pssst.. if you like to actually play the games, there’s a way you can prevent it from sending requests to your friends #closetgamer