09 June 2015 ~ 1 Comment

How to block an app from sending facebook game requests.

Ok, so sometimes facebook games can be fun!  Maybe you don’t want to spam your facebook feed though, and admit the world that instead of working you are playing Farm Heroes.

This is actually pretty simple, you can adjust what information an app has access to on the games activity page.

When you are logged in to Facebook, direct your browser to facebook.com/games

Click on the text ‘Your Games’ then click the ‘Settings’ button for the game you play.

The first thing that is recommended, is to change the Privacy.  Changing your Privacy to “Only Me” means all posts generated by this game will only be visible to you, and no one will actually see them.

Another thing you can do is control the rights of the app all together, denying it access to your friends list or posting to begin with.

I still recommend using ‘Only Me’ though because some Apps will still try to post, or will require for you to give them access to post in order to be used.


And there you have it!! Was this helpful? Feel free to give us a share if you know someone who could use this… or you want to give someone a subtle hint about their constant game requests (which can be blocked here) 🙂