28 October 2008 ~ 1 Comment

How big will your tax cut be?

American families are in desperate need of economic relief.

Barack’s plan will cut taxes for 95% of working families.
John McCain will provide billions in tax breaks for big oil companies and giant corporations with no relief for millions of middle-class Americans.

Barack is calling for three times the tax cuts for middle-class families.

With our country facing the most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression — over 760,000 jobs lost this year, unemployment skyrocketing, and retirement losses exceeding $2 trillion — we need to take immediate steps to recover.

Forbes writer Brian Wingfield recently used the tax cut calculator and told his readers exactly how much he would save…

“Obama’s web page has a very simple gadget that’s the most useful thing I’ve seen on any political website in a while.

It’s a “tax cut” calculator. You just fill in your income, filing status, whether you’re saving for retirement, number of dependents, outstanding mortgage balance, etc and –voila!–it shows you how much you’ll save in taxes under an Obama presidency. It tells me that I’m going to keep an extra $1000 of my hard-earned cash if Obama wins. It also tells me I’ll save $0 under a McCain presidency.”

Watch an Ohio supporter use the tax calculator to see how much he would save and then calculate your own tax cut:

Al the Shoe Salesman Gets a Tax Cut


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