28 October 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Guitar Hero World Tour & KFC Fully Loaded Variety Box.

Guitar Hero World Tour – Got it today, it rocks.  The drums are well built and a good design and.. yes.. CYMBOLS!  wow..  if only rock band could have come up with one of the most essential parts of any drum kit.  The new wireless guitar is also pretty sweet with a touch sensitive slide pad, rivaling rock bands lower frets, with of course guitar hero’s branding and durable equipment.  Gameplay is much like previous versions only you can customize your rocker as well as his equipement, you can also cary your rocker over to any insturment you play.  I haven’t messed around much with the creator yet, I hope to soon.  One of the benefits also is that the Wii version has downloadable content, which it hasn’t in past versions of the game, even though other systems did.  A must buy for any fan of the brand, which I myself have been following from the beginning, and have yet to be let down.

Also… this brand is teamed up with KFC with the KFC Guitar Hero World tour Fully Loaded Variety Box.  The cost is only $6.99 and it includes two stirps, leg or thigh, snacker (essentially a strip on a bun), buscuit, and 2 small sides. My god the amount of food with a price tag of $6.99 it really can’t be beat.  And if your a REAL fat ass, you can add extra pieces of chicken for only $1.00 each.  Huge meal, great deal.  Good if you haven’t eaten all day, cause this thing is a lot of food.. and a full days worth of calories.  Bring a friend if you’ve already eaten today or you’ll find yourself either needing to go on the treadmill, or as a 14 year old boy in the heat of puberty.  The keystone of this meal is the 32oz fountain drink you get with the contest (normal peel thing, with a stupid entry code) can win you a ton of shit, entertainment systems, games, Exclusive cheat codes, etc.   If your fucking starving, get this meal.. if your not.. get the drink.. either way.. get the game..

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