06 July 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Google + Reviewed – First Impressions & Screen Shots

So Yep, I’ve got my hands on a Google + Invite.  This is yet another in a long stream of attempts by Google to infiltrate the social media marketplace.  Will this one work? Who knows.  It will take a lot to compete with such a huge established user base such as Facebook, but if anyone can do it, it’s Google, especially by making it feel so familiar.

Google + Features a familiar interface with 3 columns.  It feels a lot like facebook but with the signature google minimalistic appearance.  It has your normal feed in the middle that can be seperated by lists, or as Google calls them ‘Circles.’  Everything is shared with individual circles.  Something cool is the hangout feature which allows you to video chat with multiple people simultaneously as a group.  The profile is pretty standard too, a section with your Posts, About, Photos, Videos, and imports from Google Buzz.  Though something unique is that it also lists and displays things you have +1’d.

It’s a pretty standard Social Network with all the pertinent features you would want in a social network, and some neat things I probably wouldn’t use (Hangout) and some that will make life easier like organizing lists via their Circles interface, or being able to edit posts.  Will it beat Facebook? I doubt it, but only time will tell.

Google+ Stream

Google+ Photos

Google+ Profile

Google+ Circles








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If you have already used Google+  What do you think? Leave a post in the comments below, and lets connect in Google+!