05 December 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Google Chrome – my review

Short version: It Kicks Ass.

Long Version:So I stumbled across the beta of Google’s web browser, it kicks ass.  It has everything that firefox has but better.  It has the security and safety features i’ve found in firefox, but with a much cleaner more minimalist design.  It’s fast and the greatest feature I’ve had so far is it keeps track of the pages you visit most, and bookmarks you visit most, when you open a new tab or open the browser with no homepage set it puts you at a page that shows your top 9 most viewed sites and a nie preview image of each one, as well as your mostly viewed bookmarks.  In firefox I had 3 or 4 tab home pages that all opened when I launched the app.

Not only does Google Chrome launch a  lot faster and use less resources, I can just have it open on that 1 page and have my top sites there for me to easy choose, if I decide to go to another one I can easily one click open a new tab and second click get to my favorite pages, already in progress.  It also has a seach box there for you to search through your history, which is nice, I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to browse through hundreds of thousands of history items trying to find a specific page, it also shows on this page what was in the tabs you recently closed, so if you closed by mistake you can get right back easy.

It’s in beta but I haven’t really discovered any bugs yet.  The status bar is minimialized and only appears when status is changed, when it is static it dissappears, and when you have downloads the download manager is displayed in a nice small graphic area on this part.   It’s a very clean and well organized browser that gives you the maximum amount of screen space without sacrificing any information you need on screen, granted it doesn’t have the Add Ons I’ve seen on firefox, it’s a very powerful browser wrapped in a small, pretty package. 

Download the beta of Google Chrome at http://www.google.com/chrome 

(ps – don’t let me forget the “Incogneto Window” you can open that will open a new window except where it doesn’t save cookies, text box history, login names, page history, anythinglike that.. no worrying to clean the cache or delete cookies to hide big titty bonanza from our wife)