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Double Your Impact! Donate to the Obama Campaign – All donations MATCHED!

In these final three weeks, our opponents are signaling they will do whatever they can to distract voters and distort the truth, so we need to redouble our efforts.

The negative ads and smears seem to grow by the day. The most effective way to respond is by reaching out to more people than ever before with the truth — the stakes in this election are too high not to.

We need to grow this movement by 100,000 new donors before Friday.

A previous donor has promised to match your donation to encourage you to give for the first time. This is your last opportunity to partner with a fellow supporter and make your donation go twice as far.

Your donation of $5 will become $10, $25 becomes $50, and $50 becomes $100. Double your impact by making a matched donation today.

Make a matched donation

Our first 100,000 donors gave this campaign the strength it needed to become a movement.

Back then, few pundits or insiders thought we had a chance. But we overcame steep odds. Those first 100,000 donors turned into millions of people like you, all across this country, coming together to work for change.

Now we need to come full circle. We have just one week to grow this movement by 100,000 donors.

It won’t be easy, but we’ve always grown this campaign when it mattered most.

Will you step up and own a piece of this movement today? Make a donation right now and your gift will be doubled by a previous supporter:


We only have 22 days left. Help this campaign finish as strong as we started. Make a matched donation today.



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