04 May 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Do You ACT? – Converting consumers to customers

A while back I started a 3 part series about ACT – it’s an accronym that stands for Attract, Convert, Transform. We already discussed Attracting consumers, this portion we will discuss Converting customers.

This isn’t going to go into the absolute details of creating highly converting websites – you need to do tracking and split testing to work that out for yourself.  Traffic Exchanges, Safe lists, CPA advertising, and even blogging can be great ways to attract people to your site, but it is your site’s job to make the sale, however there are some things you can do to aid in the decision making process.

Obviously the most important things are to know your audience and what they are looking for, as well as maintaining it’s consistency with the methods you used to Attract,  but also showing the value of your product.  One thing that is important to understand is that this step doesn’t sit by itself.

When a consumer visits your website, they see your product and your pitch, and if you have done a good job of showing the quality and value of your product, you may have generated some interest.  As a consumer, every decision that requires resources takes thoughtful consideration.  Weather it be you are spending your time, resources, or money on doing the action you define as a conversions, you have to think about it and weigh the pros and cons.

A user may come to your website and really see the value and quality of your product, but not sure they want to fork out the money on it, or even have the money to fork out on it.  It almost goes back to attract at this point, this is why having an opportunity for people to connect with your brand via social media or email are so deeply important.  When the consumer, although interested, does not make a purchase and leaves your website, chances are they won’t even remember the name of the website.  If they have connected with you via social media or email it creates a huge opportunity for follow up.  You can take a direct route and ask if there are any concerns with the product you are selling, or use automated email series to continue to sell, you don’t even necessarily have to give them sales pitches, just be there and keep your product on the consumers mind.  Branding goes very far in this part because creating stronger name and brand recognition will help them keep it on their mind.  When that time comes that they have decided to actually make the purchase, you will be there, and you will have created a customer.

Some decisions take only a few minutes to make if you want to do a purchase, some may take hours, some may take weeks.  Creating credibility and branding yourself as an expert will help build confidence in your consumer in your product and your brand.  Although the conversion starts and ends at your website, there is a huge hoop in the middle that involves your social media influence, email marketing influence, and your ability to be there to respond to potential customers thoughts questions and ideas.  It’s important to know your consumer because many will have questions they will never ask, so knowing your consumer and being able to answer these questions without them being asked will have a huge step for your brands image.