10 February 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Do Traffic Exchange Timers Matter?

Yes, I’m bringing up the debate again… do the timers of traffic exchanges actually matter?

In April of 2012 I launched the first Viral Traffic Co-Op, Explosive Traffic.

Since then it has been copied literally dozens of times, but every time it is copied, nobody can really capture what makes Explosive Traffic unique — and that is our built in tracking that makes sure that our advertisers are only having their ads viewed by the highest quality publishers.

This post isn’t about that, though, it’s about the timers of Traffic Exchanges.

The relation here is that I have been tracking every view from Explosive Traffic.  I did reset the stats recently so that I could get fresher updated data (a lot can change on a publisher in 4 years).

My findings are… do timers matter?

Well… YES!

People will SAY that they just need a second to view the ad to know if they are interested or not, they SAY that if they’ve seen the ad a hundred times, they already know what they think about it.  they SAY that 1 or 3 seconds is plenty of time to act on your ad.

But what they DO? Well, what they do is not in line with that.

Here are the TOP 10 Sources based on RESULTS.. this comes from 218,986,703 views from 1,534 different publishers.

Top 10 Sources
Traffic Source Views Recent CTR
btcclicks.com 109,742 1.1492%
vtrafficrush.com 121,102 0.6583%
clixsense.com 424,469 0.6073%
clickvoyager.com 629,492 0.4844%
admasterplus.com 586,194 0.4446%
easyhits4u.com 5,558,555 0.441%
awesome-hits.com 178,876 0.4413%
trafficrammer.com 258,662 0.4359%
trafficpi.com 149,933 0.4187%
tezaktrafficpower.com 1,441,987 0.4082%


Check that out.. the top 6 Converting all have at least a 10 second timer, and the remaining top 4 have at least a 6 second timer.

Using the data above, it is pretty clear that timers really do matter, but that bigger isn’t necessarily better, clearly there are other factors involved, as you can see since Easy Hits 4 U has a 15-20 second timer, but there are sites above it with 10s timers…  but I think it’s pretty safe to infer that while a longer timer doesn’t guarantee better results, a shorter timer clearly does negatively effect results.

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