01 December 2007 ~ 1 Comment


So ok.. I started to get hooked with the deal of the day kind of things.. it all started when a girl at work one day mentioned to me about woot.com. Woot.com is an awesome deal of the day website — I was hooked from that point and HAD to find more.. to make a long story short.. er….. dingleit.com is like a deal of the day site, but it’s more a contest.. Every six hours they put a new item, you “Dingle” that item (click on the little box thing that says dingle it.. it confirms by telling you it’s been Dingled) then after about 5 days or until the spots are full, there is a randomized drawing for the item.. now I know there’s ad’s and crap that say you can win free shit, and I am by no means endorsing it because those are all just ploys to get you to click ads and to fish your personal information, or have an excuse to get it for use in advertising. However – dingleit.com is NOT a marketing ploy, and NOT a gimmick, deal of the day sites sponsor it in exchange for their little ad on that items page, and i KNOW it’s real because.. I WON! I actually won an item on dingleit.com and amazingly enough it was actually something I could use, wow. I have a wii and of course guitar hero three, now i think my friend’s love the game as much as I do, so every time I go anywhere I’m begged first to bring the console and the game.. now normally I’ve just been throwing it all in my backpack, which can’t be good for it.. granted it’s nintendo, and their first generation system STILL WORKS, so it’s got to have some durability, compared to the xbox which average life is about 8 months.. and the ps3 which.. seems to be ok, i haven’t heard a lot of issues, but then again most people aren’t dumb to waste their money on a ps2.. yes, i call it a ps2.. it’s what the ps2 should have been… it’s pretty much a ps2 with some additional features they managed to rip off of other companies.. sony sucks, lol, anywho… I won a console carrying case thing, it has padded and protected seperate pockets for the console, for the cables, and for the controls.. since the wii is so small compared to other consoles, and this is a universal pack, I’m sure there will be plenty more room for the guitar hero guitar.. it can’t be worse then throwing it in my backpack.. and best of yet I WON IT, it was FREE.. they don’t even change you for shipping.. I go on their to dingleit.com every day and make sure I have everything dingled, then if you win it sends you e-mail confirmation and mails you the item.. effin sweet.