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Dan Moses – Entrepreneur of the Week

Each Week we ask a different rising and successful Entrepreneur to share some of their insight with us.  This week we have Selected Dan Moses.

Your Name: Dan Moses

Your Business Name: ClickThruMarketing

Website Address: http://clickthrumarketing.com/contactus.html

Age: 37

What is your background? How did you get started in business?

I came online when I joined a MLM program back in 1999 called SkyBiz.com. It came with a 35 meg website and builder teaching us how to set up websites. I learned what I could and ventured out by building sites for local businesses for $50 and hour. That went well for a year until the FTC came in and shut down SkyBiz because many of the members were not use the program and building the business side. After 6 months the FTC cleared them but at that time I lost all my downline and decided it was time to stop putting all my eggs in one basket (so to speak) and decided to create my own programs.

During the process of building these websites I was learning all I could about how to advertise online and there wasn’t much to go off off besides FFA sites and classified sites that would only generate about 10 visitors a day.. Well that was until I found my first Traffic Exchange and everything changed.

I fell in love… yes, I couldn’t believe the amount of visitors I was getting.. I was use to 10 a day and now I was get 100’s a day and learning more and more about how to generate traffic quickly and effectively. That’s when I decide to put two ebooks together on one website and give them away in exchange for a name and email address. These ebook came with Master Resale rights and I bought them both so I could give them away.

That worked out quite well and I soon had a list of a few hundred people. From there I found some more products I could sell and send out emails to my list each month with the new product I was getting from Jimmy D. Brown’s Profits Vault Monthly. To my surprise I actually sold a few here and there each month and even though it wasn’t’ a whole of $ I was hooked and very excited!

Soon after I joined more TEs and got to know some people.. one of which helped me build my first programs.. FreeClickThruClub.com and ClickMasterPro.com. From there it started to take off learning how to be a program owner and launching more programs for myself and others.

Have you had a ‘normal job’ before? How did this impact the formation of your business?

Yes.. I’ve had plenty of Jobs and done quite a lot of different things.. but the ones I stuck with the most was selling cell phones. And yes that did help with my online carrier as I read many books on salesmanship and marketing that made things easier online and applying what I had learned.

We believe taking risks and making mistakes, what is one of the biggest mistakes you’ve made as an Entrepreneur, and how were you able to turn this mistake into a positive situation?

Now this one is a tough question.. we’ve all made some mistakes.. one of my biggest I would say was getting too personal with my first mentor and hurting our relationship. I was young and thought I knew it all and full of pride at that time. She said one day after a heated argument well you’re on your own now. And at first I was really scared because she had built my websites and really knew her HTML and design where I didn’t. It was one of those push you out of the nest kinds of situation and I had to go it on my own after that. It took me some time but I was able to turn it around and take what she had taught me and move on. I was on my own and struggled for a while but figured things out and was able to move on and succeed. So even though it was a big mistake.. It paid off when I was forced to learn what I needed to continue down my path.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned so far as an entrepreneur?

It’s who you know and not so much what you know. Get to know the top entrepreneurs in your niche and learn as much as you can from them. Everyone has something you can learn from even if it’s there mistakes. Stay the course.. if you have a love and passion for what you want to do online stick with it.. don’t love heart or faith.. keep on keeping on.. It takes time and effort.. and if it’s what you love and know you’re meant to do then it’ll happen and when it does you’ll know it and it won’t be a job it’ll be so much more!

What is the number one thing you attribute your business success to?

Well I can’t just say one thing… if I did it would be God… I know I’m graced to do what I do online.. but I also know it wasn’t easy getting there. I had to put in a ton of hard work and still do everyday.. the difference is I love what I do… I know I’m suppose to be doing it and the relationships I’ve built along the way are priceless to me.

What is the number one thing you would do differently if you could start over?

Well when I started there wasn’t much to go off of.. what I mean is there were only a handful of guru’s so to speak and they were in the Internet Marketing niche which I liked but it wasn’t until I found the Traffic Exchanges that I fell in love with that niche. So if I was starting over today.. I’d try to get to know the leaders in the TE industry and learn all I could from them.. the sooner you can get to know the top dogs in your niche the quicker you can learn how to profit from it.

What is the number one thing you would do the same if you could start over?

Hard work.. I worked very heard and long hours to get to where I’m at now.. anything worth achieving takes hard work.. and is very gratifying when you achieve what your striving for too. If you can buy it or earn it quickly it doesn’t matter as much.. but if it takes years and hard work you appreciate it so much more. :o)

What is the biggest advice you have for new entrepreneurs?

Well that’s a tough one as well.. if they know what they want to do then it’s much easier but most of us don’t really know when we come online what we really want to do.. there’s so many options and niches out there.. so my biggest advice would be find the niche that you would love to be in the most and get to know the top people in it.

Thousands of aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs will see this post, is there anything else you would like to use this platform to share with our readers? Advice, criticisms, or theories?

Hmmmm not sure on this one… I guess I would say everyone has some information.. something they know others would pay to know.. if you can find what that is and present it in a way people are attracted to it.. you can make money online. Information is worth something to each of us… and people will gladly pay for it. With that said.. that’s just 1% of what you can do on the world wide web.. 🙂 I’ve made my living owning and building programs for people.. so there’s the service side too.. the bottom line is there is so many options and so much you can tap into being on the internet.. go where your passion is and concur it. 🙂

How can our readers find out more about you and your business?

My specialty is launching programs and if they’d like more information on how to become a program owner they can check out my site at http://programlaunchesexposed.com

Do you have a special offer you would like to give to our readers?

Sure… here’s a promo code for adverting at PLE if they decide to join eotwple and they’ll get $2.00 2,000 Credits, 2000 Banner and text impressions added to their account.


Thank you John.. I’m very humbled you asked me to answer these questions and appreciate the opportunity to be featured.


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