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01 April 2014 ~ 12 Comments

Are You F*&%ING Kidding Me?!

I really should bite my tongue on this, but I can’t.. it’s rant time!


This all better be one huge April fool’s joke, because if this is legit then there are some seriously disgusting individuals out there…

Today “Mr Majestic” Mehmed Avdie launched.. 13.. yes.. 13 Viral Mailers..


There is such a huge trend of low-quality LFMVM’s being launched out the box, while the owner and ‘JV Partners’ knowingly advertise with the full will and knowledge that the site will never last beyond three months.  They create and promote this garbage with the full intention of suckering new marketers into the hype to buy an OTO, get a quick commission, and leave them out to dry.

This sort of thing is the absolute bottom of the barrel, most disgusting form of scamming that I can even comprehend.

There are a lot of businesses that get labeled as ‘Scam’ simply because the owner doesn’t know what the hell they are doing.. For example Carl Reisling launching a new site every week because he can’t afford to pay commissions, even sent a skype message about how he was tired of not being able to afford commissions so was doing some super sale to try and bring in more money… You may call his sites a scam, but the difference here is that he’s not trying to scam anyone – he’s just an idiot.

However you have people like Mehmed Avdie who launch site after site with no intention of ever even creating a sustainable business model – no intention of ever delivering on the advertising you purchase – no intention of ever paying your commissions.  I joined one of his sites a year ago, have yet to be paid commissions, and in an entire year have had a total of 5,000 views to my ads.

Now he launches not yet one other site.. but 13?!

Mr. Avdie knows exactly what he’s doing, he’s not making a mistake, he’s not an idiot — he’s trying specifically to rip you off.

The unfortunate part, is that people will knowingly promote this garbage, in an attempt to also rip you off.

If you think launching 13 copies of the same site in the same day, especially after the rest of your business is in ruin – You’re part of the problem.

If you promote this kind of garbage because you know you can earn some quick commissions by suckering someone into an oto – You’re part of the problem.

If you accept money for work helping design / modify / or launch this kind of crap – You’re part of the problem.

You cannot tell me that you didn’t know, or you that were ‘just trying to help’ and expect me to believe you.  If you’ve been in this industry longer than 5 minutes you’ve already fallen for this kind of crap, and know exactly what is going, and you supporting it is destroying not only your own reputation, but puts a dark spot on the entire market.


There are hundreds of reputable, honest, hard working site owners who have created absolutely incredible advertising products – even single handedly,

Owners who run businesses with models that are sustainable and can last for decades.

Owners who pay their commissions every single week.

Owners who deliver on their promises of excellence.

Owners who work hard every single day to provide the absolute best service they can.


If you’re reading this right now, and promoting garbage businesses like these that are so incredibly obvious to have zero intention of future support of the product then.. I have to ask.. WTF Are you thinking?!?!

First of all – this crap screams cash grab from the mountains, every can see it plain is day.

Secondly – You honestly think that you’re going to get paid?  You’re promoting something that is clearly unsustainable and clearly solely exists for the purpose of OTO sales and nothing else.

Lastly – What are you going to do next week?  Yea.. what’s your plan for in a week.. a month.. a year from now?  How are you going to generate any income when every site you promoted doesn’t last more than a week, and every owner you’ve promoted stop paying?


As a site owner, I honestly don’t give a shit — these sites come and go every single day.. they pose absolutely zero threat to me, I would never risk my reputation even giving them the effort of filling out a registration form.. but you.. as an affiliate, What the fuck are you thinking?

I just can’t wrap my head around any scenario where promoting something like this would be considered a good idea?

Want to destroy your reputation? Continue with this business model.. create and promote sites that are obviously unsustainable, sell an OTO for $40 with 5 million credits that will never get used….. hope you can get your job back at McDonald’s because you, like these websites, will be washed up and forgotten about before the end of the month.

Want to build your reputation?  Promote the sites that have built the reputation of sustainability, who work hard every day to make a better product for you, who pay your commissions every week without making you jump through hoops or play cash games to try and get your money.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here.. I know nobody who is doing these things cares about their reputation or about sustainable business, they’re just hoping to score a quick few bucks on an OTO so they can move on to the next one..

I know the shady dealers are going to keep being shady, and that the responsible hard working business owners, are going to keep being honest and hard working.. I know nothing I can say will change that, but neither will sitting here on my hands and watching it happen.

I’ve always been a strong believer in that actions are louder than words — so I’m putting my money where my mouth is.  I’m going to continue to work hard every single day to make the absolute best products I can for my members, I’m going to continue to participate in business practices that mean I will be able to keep providing that service to my members, and I’m going to keep being honest and open, even when the words aren’t pretty.  It’s my job to elevate the industry – if I want long term business success then that means supporting those who promote the viability and expansion of our market — and denying those who wish to taint it by creating scams that unfortunately many of our customers will fall into, get burned, and run away and never look back.

This kind of crap doesn’t just hurt the people promoting it – it runs away real customers with real value, who are really making an effort to be successful, but because of bullshit peddlers are ripped off, scammed, stolen from, and kicked out on the street.  And that’s something I will never accept.. not in my house.

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12 February 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Traffic Exchanges are Awesome

I was going through my email filters this morning and realized I was getting 10 new subscribers to my autoresponder every day from traffic exchanges.  Traffic Exchanges are, indeed, awesome.  What’s the most awesome part?  The fact that I didn’t spend a penny on any of that advertising, nor did I surf a single page for it.

I have my rotator plugged in at Traffic Exchanges all over the place, and my autoresponder lead capture pages make up only 15% of what is in my rotator, yet I’m still managing to get about a dozen new subscribers every day.  These subscribers are turning into referrals at dozens of different sites, and generating commissions for me on the regular bases.

Pretty Awesome.

This is all profit, by the way, since like I said I didn’t spend any time surfing or any money on credits, it’s all 100% free advertising, how can you beat that ROI?


What’s the secret?  It’s pretty easy, actually.


The secret sauce behind Traffic Exchanges is that when you refer people – YOU get credits when your REFERRALS surf.. I get tens of thousands of free hits every day without ever spending a dime or a minute of my time, it’s all automatic and passive, and I relax and reap the benefits from this excess of free advertising.


It can be a bit overwhelming and an uphill battle if you are promoting just a splash page, the secret is to promote downline builders and lead capture pages so you can turn one view into several referrals, it’s really the only way I’ve found to beat the game.  If you promote a splash page and you are getting 1 referral for every 1000 views, you are never going to get people fast enough to build up credits, but advertising something that funnels that one view into multiple referrals and sales, you can easily jump in front of the curve.


My favorite method for this is a site called Affiliate Funnel.  Affiliate Funnel is a free downline builder – you sign up, enter your affiliate ID’s, then promote Affiliate Funnel.  When someone joins they join not only your Affiliate Funnel downline where you can earn commissions from their sales, but they also join some, if not all, of the traffic exchanges listed.  This turns your one view, your one referral, into a referral at dozens of traffic exchanges, and when they surf at those traffic exchanges – you get credits.

One reason why I prefer Affiliate Funnel over the other downline builders is they also offer squeeze pages – this means you can advertise their site through a lead capture page, this way you are getting the lead as a subscriber to YOUR email list – now you are taking that 1 view and not only turning it into a referral at dozens of traffic exchanges, but also as a lead you can sell literally any product to via your autoresponder broadcast messages and autoresponder series… this is giving you tons of value for your Traffic Exchange credits in letting you turn 1 lead into multiple sales.


I think it’s easy to see how fast this system can exponentiate… the hardest part is at the beginning when you have no referrals, and having to surf or buy credits to get the advertising out there initially, but you start with 1 referral surfing 1 traffic exchange and earning you credits, then leverage those credits into a 2nd referral – bringing you even more credits.. and this easily snowballs into getting hundreds of referrals at hundreds of traffic exchanges and thousands of free daily ad impressions.

This is the same method I use to generate dozens of leads every day, and you can use it too – absolutely free.  Keep in mind though, that upgrading has it’s advantages.  At traffic exchanges upgrades give you a higher commission rate and also higher credit earnings from your referrals.  Be smart about what you are doing, often times buying an upgrade at a traffic exchange can save you money.

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