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18 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Traffic Swirl Affiliate Program Updates

Hey Everyone!  There have been some changes to the Affiliate Program at Traffic Swirl so wanted to make a post to update you all on the new way the affiliate program works.

Free Members now receive 10% Commissions on all purchases (Was 10% Upgrades, 5% Tokens)

Pro Members now receive 30% Commissions on all purchases (Was 50% upgrades, 25% Tokens)

All Members will now receive a cash chest when their new referrals claim their first daily bonus, weekly bonus, and monthly bonus. (Up to 3 cash chests per referral)

Now before someone panics about the upgrades being reduced for pro members from 50% to 30%, I will share some information here that may change your outlook.  The commissions earned from tokens was increased, and more than half of the sites sales generated are from token purchases, so you will see an increase in earnings here.  Also, the cash chest value will remain the same. (excuse me for getting techy on you lol).  Cash chest prizes are determined by sales generated by the site, less the commission rate.  The rate the site pays out overall is 60% of sales, and that figure is not changing.  So in the scenario that the change in 50% to 30% on upgrades for pro members does cause a reduction in earnings, that difference is divided in the cash chests that you will now get when any new referral claims their bonus.  In most cases you will actually see an increase in earnings if you are actively referring members to the site.  We’re always working to improve the website and make it more competitive, and we feel that shifting from elevated upgrade commissions towards referring bonuses will allow us to not only remain competitive in the commission rate offered, as well as provide new bonuses to reward the members who support us every single day, even if your referral doesn’t happen to buy anything.  We believe that our members who actively refer new members will actually an increase in earnings from this change, however if that ends up not being the case, we will of course address it to make sure that we provide the best opportunity possible for our affiliates to achieve their goals.


Diamond Club members will continue to earn 50% Commissions and 15% referral credit bonus.

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28 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Affiliate Toolbox Updates! (Now get unlimited for free!)

We’ve recently made some updates at Affiliate Toolbox that you are going to love!

We’ve Upgraded Your Account.
Now ALL members, regardless of upgrade type, get the benefits of our $20 a month Unlimited Upgrade!
Yep! Even FREE members now get UNLIMITED EVERYTHING & 30% Commissions!

  • Unlimited Website Trackers
  • Unlimited Banner Trackers
  • Unlimited Website Rotators
  • Unlimited Banner Rotators
  • Unlimited Thank You Ad Rotators
  • 30% Commissions

All NOW Totally FREE!

New Low-Cost Credit Subscriptions
As you know by now, every time your website is tracked, it uses one credit.  While we give all members 10,000 Credits each month totally free, we have also created convenient monthly credit subscription plans that provide you a discount on credits and make sure you never run out and lose tracking data again.  All of our Credit subscriptions also include Unlimited Use of our Ad Designer.

Unlimited Ad Designer
Our Ad Designer is now an Add-On feature.  Now you can get unlimited splash page and banner creation, without having to upgrade, simply with a $4 subscription for our Ad Designer, or get it free included with All Credit Subscriptions.

No More Upgrades
There’s no need to buy an upgrade to get the benefits of our service, in fact, there’s no upgrades at all!  Get Unlimited everything totally free, the only time you’d ever need to pay is if you track more than 10,000 hits per month, and even then you can get another 10,000 for only $4.  Why are you paying for the server resources someone else is using?  With Affiliate Toolbox, you only pay for the amount of tracking you need, and we throw in all the extra goodies, for free!

If you already have one of our old upgrade subscriptions, don’t worry!  Since your account is now unlimited, we’ve converted your upgrade subscription into a credit subscription at equal value, and included in that you now also get unlimited use of our Ad Designer for no extra charge.

Login to your Affiliate Toolbox account today and take advantage of your new Free Unlimited Plan!


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