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25 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Black Friday… my way!

Those of you who have been in our advertising markets for.. well.. a year have probably seen the massive impact Black Friday has on our industry.  Those of you who have spent the year actively promoting, pretty much anything, are bound to see some massive commissions as savvy advertisers rush to get the best advertising deals they can.

We all know how massive January can be for new and upcoming businesses, and being able to buy inexpensive advertising now to use throughout the beginning of the year, saving a ton by preparing in advance.  Advertisers will be flocking to our businesses come Friday looking for these deals, this means huge sales.. and huge commissions for our affiliates.

Now is the best time to remind your Team of long-term advertising strategies that take advantage of these offers to maximize your commission earnings, and since we do not make you wait to get paid your commissions, you’ll receive cashout for your commissions every friday, in time for your own holiday shopping.


December Deals

Beginning Black Friday

On Friday at 12:01 AM our Special offers will automatically be visible on the members page of Traffic Swirl, Surf Sumo, Explosive Traffic, Fast Cash and Traffic, and Viral List Builder Plus.

These sites each have a series of special deals set up for them, before we used to rotate one deal each week from Black Friday – New Years Day.  This year, I’ve decided to mix it up a bit.

There are tons of deals set up for each site, each one will have a limited quantity – once one deal is gone, another one will be selected randomly.  Some of the deals may last days, some may only last minutes so you will definitely want to make sure you log in regularly to check for your deal — the full list of deals will be available once it goes active.  Since the deals are randomly selected, a deal could repeat at any time, or it may only show up once then never again.  The offers will be listed throughout the Entire month of December, beginning Black Friday at 12:01 AM.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Mailer Ninja
, and Affiliate Toolbox will have limited Login Offers available From Black Friday  until Cyber Monday only.

There will be a different login offer each day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) so make sure to log in each day if you are looking for a steal at either of those sites, these login ads have never been seen before and will only be seen once again; on New Year’s day.


We will also be having our usual fun and games surfing events at Traffic Swirl with special new games, limited edition chests, and gifts just for the month of December.


This is an awesome time to be in business and a great time to be an affiliate, make sure you use your downline mailers and contact your team to remind them to take advantage of these awesome deals and maximize your commission earnings on awesome products your team members already love to use.




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16 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

The Easy Way to Build your Social Media Following

Hey everyone!  I’m pleased to announce an awesome new advertising feature at Traffic Swirl geared specifically towards building your social media following.  As you’ve probably already figured out, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and most other social networks display only a blank page when viewed in a traffic exchange, so it’s always been a problem promoting your facebook page or youtube videos in Traffic Exchanges.  The new Tasks at Traffic Swirl are designed just for that.

You can use tasks to:

  • Get Twitter Followers
  • Get Retweets
  • Get more Likes on Facebook
  • Get more Subscribers to your email newsletter
  • Get more comments on your Blog
  • Get YouTube Channel Subscribers
  • Get YouTube Video Comments
  • Get Instagram Followers
  • Get Tumblr Followers
  • Get Tumblr Reblogs

We’ll help you build all the important social networks, but we won’t let you buy signups – these tasks will never contain ptsu offers.

Find Tasks on the Advertising page to use tokens to instantly build your social networks now at Traffic Swirl.


See-Ya in the Swirl,

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