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18 January 2014 ~ 1 Comment

Surf Sumo Updates!

Big updates for you at Surf Sumo this week!  Check it out!

Turbo Surf Timer

The new Turbo Surf Timer lets you surf super fast with a 4 second timer, available in 1 hour – 24 hour increments, but the timer only counts while you surf – so you don’t need to use it all at once, if you log off or leave for a minute, the turbo will automatically pause and wait for you!

Turbo Surf Credit

The new Turbo Surf Credit lets you surf with double the credits, available in 1 hour – 24 hour increments. Like the Turbo Surf timer, the timer only counts while you surf – so you don’t need to use it all at once, if you log off or leave for a minute, the turbo will automatically pause and wait for you!


The ‘Prize Points’ have been renamed to Tokens.

Improved Chat!

Surf Sumo’s chat ahs been turbocharged! We’ve removed some of the bugs causing lag and added new custom color, background, and font features that you can unlock in the new Marketplace.

Surf Sumo Marketplace

Now you can use your Tokens (Prize Points) to get anything! Buy upgrades, advertising, customized chat features, or the new Turbos using your Tokens in the Surf Sumo Marketplace — of course you can still also purchase gift boxes using your Tokens (Prize Points!)


Login to Surf Sumo today and check out all the new features!

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30 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Are you a Traffic Exchange Owner?

If you own a Traffic Exchange then I have some awesome new stuff at Traffic Swirl that is just for you..

If you’re familiar with Traffic Swirl then you are I’m sure familiar with our Top Promoter contest.  Members advertise Traffic Swirl at other Traffic Exchanges to earn points, each week the contest winners get tokens and can also win cash.  This is a hugely popular contest with Traffic Swirl, and on average our members receive 99,000 views from each ad source.  This means these members are heavily advertising at the sites listed, dozens join as new members and the activity at the participating sites goes through the roof.

For years I’ve been begged, even hounded, by traffic exchange owners to get their site on the list…. well now you can!   Login to your Traffic Swirl account, and visit the ‘Traffic Exchange Owners’ page on the Account Menu for more details.


We’ve also unleashed our new Executive upgrade.

The Executive Upgrade isn’t cheap, it’s designed with program owners in mind who will easily see the value and advantage in this upgrade. The Executive Upgrade gives you our highest commission rate, 50%, on all sales and referral PTC earnings – making it the obvious solution for people who are actively advertising Traffic Swirl to maximize their earnings – this is especially beneficial for site owners because as a site owner you know how easyily you can build referrals using back-end advertising leveraging your own site, so this commission rate makes it easy for you to earn a return.  Since we cover all the paypal fees, you’re actually earning more from your sales then we do with this upgrade.

The Executive Upgrade also gives you UNLIMITED advertising.  Yep, Unlimited.  Unlimited website views and banner views for 25 campaigns (each).  You never need to waste time surfing, or waste money buying credits – just add your campaigns and you’re done.

The Executive upgrade also gives you a spot in the Top Promoter contest (mentioned above) as well as 2,000 Tokens a week to set up free PTC ads, tasks, or to make purchases on the marketplace.  These bonuses alone amount to  a $47 a month value.

And of course, the Executive Upgrade also still gives you all the benefits of our Pro upgrade.  It isn’t for everyone, but for the serious business owner it will be easy to see how you can leverage this upgrade to bring massive profits to your own business, especially since Advertising at Traffic Swirl is second to none.

Cathy says that over all sources this last 12 months, “Traffic Swirl outproduced all other traffic exchanges by a landslide

Tony Tezak showed us that in December, nearly 10% of ALL new Tezak Traffic Power members came from Traffic Swirl, almost double the amount of  referrals than the next highest performing Traffic Exchange

Affiliate Funnel has ranked Traffic Swirl the 2nd Best Traffic Exchange based on member votes, and results, for almost the entire year of 2013

Advertising at Traffic Swirl obviously has it’s advantages, and with the Executive Upgrade not only do you get unlimited advertising, but bigger commissions from the members you refer.  I believe, and I know you will too, that the Executive upgrade is perfect for anyone who is serious about leveraging traffic exchanges to take their business to the next level in 2014, and you can find it in the ‘Account’ menu.


See you in the Swirl

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