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04 September 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Active Traffic Exchange Referrals?!

One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to building a downline in Traffic Exchanges, is having them be active.

Traditionally when you advertise a Traffic Exchange, you use a splash page and then hopefully the viewer joins your downline.. but then what?

One of the secrets that masters use to get ACTIVE referrals – is training.

Traffic ProfitPro is a full-fledged training program. When your referral joins Traffic ProfitProo, they not only follow you into 5 traffic exchanges, plus the 10 from the promoter contest each week, but we actually teach them how to use them.

This is really what makes difference, having a referral that understands how to leverage traffic exchanges massively increases your odds of having them be active.

And it works too. It’s a fact that 100% of our upgraded members who have completed the training, have made money with traffic exchanges.

This isn’t just lip service, it isn’t theory, but it’s real, actionable, and measurable results.

One of my favorite features that you can use to turbo-charge the amount of referrals you can earn is our Traffic Co-Op.

Every day we deliver tens of thousands of visitors to Traffic ProfitPro, on top of that we place Traffic ProfitPro on a MINIMUM of 6 Login Spotlight ads, which have been proven to give stronger results. We even have start pages at Easy Hits 4 U every week for the next year..

Purchasing a Co-Op share will allow you to get a share of this massive traffic, and results, that we are driving to Traffic ProfitPro.

Promote Traffic ProfitPro and start getting ACTIVE referrals, or purchase a co-op share and let us do the advertising for you.

It’s in your hands now, and I hope you give yourself the opportunity to start finally seeing Traffic Exchange results, with Traffic ProfitPro.

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15 August 2015 ~ 0 Comments

List Building Matters…. right?

When you are trying to generate leads for a business, it eventually becomes obvious that list building is the key.

This especially rings true for paid advertising, when you are paying for a visitor to be on your site, the easiest way to increase the value of each view, is to be able to get some kind of contact information so that you can contact them a second, third, forth, or however many times again without having to pay for more views.

Having automated follow up will be your key to increasing conversion rates and thus the ROI you are getting from your advertising purchase.

Another great reason to be building your list is so you can sell multiple products and services to the same leads.

If you show them a generic ad and hope the visitor takes action, you may be lucky to get them to purchase the item you are presenting them with.  When you have the ability to follow up, you can continue to upsell and cross sell additional products to the same leads.

Probably the most important case for list building, is in the business of affiliate marketing and direct sales.  Imagine building a nice sized affiliate business around a product, but then that product changes their affiliate plan, changes their product, or closes their doors.  What happens to all of those people in your downline?  If you built your list first, you could simply take these leads with you to another business that more suits yours and their needs.

Building your list though can be a challenge to find traffic and leads, thankfully there are free and low cost advertising services that can help.  Training programs like Traffic ProfitPro even include lead capture pages, and follow-up email series set up that you can easily import into your auto responder, so you can get all the benefits of list building with a turn key traffic building business.

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